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Sajin Shrijith

Extraterrestrial fun in Kerala

Filmmaker Arun Chandu talks about blending the alien invasion story with the mockumentary in his latest, Gaganachari

01 Feb 2024

Malaikottai Vaaliban Movie Review: A tiresome visual extravaganza with few joys

One can derive considerable joy from LJP's 'brilliant' frames, but are they enough?

25 Jan 2024

The Beekeeper Movie Review: Moderately satisfying one-man army actioner

Jason Statham is delightedly high impact, but in a world of John Wicks, The Beekeeper comes up short

19 Jan 2024

Vinay Forrt: With Aattam, we aimed for a fast-paced drama

The actor and writer-director Anand Ekarshi on creating a thought-provoking film for the ages

17 Jan 2024

Abraham Ozler Movie Review: Intriguing details camouflage an unaffecting thriller

Abraham Ozler doesn't lack the ability to hook us, but it made me wonder whether it would've worked better as an airport novel than a film

11 Jan 2024

Gaganachari Movie Review: Unique sci-fi mockumentary with ample laughs

Arun Chandu's Gaganachari evokes the humour of yesteryear Malayalam comedies and the texture of minimalist international sci-fi thrillers  

08 Jan 2024

Dream Scenario Movie Review: A superb Nicolas Cage leads a stimulating satire

Dream Scenario sees the actor at his finest, evoking the angst and helplessness of some of his much-celebrated early roles

05 Jan 2024

Don Palathara on Family, his biggest film yet

The filmmaker talks about his experiences growing up, faith and the church's influence, his signature filmmaking style, shooting Family, and more...

02 Jan 2024

Neru Movie Review: Sensitive, insightful legal drama with an unwavering focus

Jeethu Joseph ensures that Mohanlal's presence doesn't take the limelight away from serious issues  

21 Dec 2023

Cailee Spaeny: Sofia Coppola creates a safe bubble for her actors 

The actor, who essays the eponymous character in Sofia Coppola's latest directorial, talks about the filmmaker's comfortingly productive sets, interactions with Priscilla Presley, and intense research

18 Dec 2023

Rodrigo Moreno: To be a filmmaker, studying the classics is essential

The director of  Argentina's Oscar submission,  The Delinquents, spoke to Cinema Express about making a ''peculiar"' and ''original'' heist comedy-drama at IFFK 

16 Dec 2023

Daayam (Inheritance) Movie Review: Grief, secrets, and a recipe for chaos

Prasanth Vijay's film paints an intriguing picture of a household in mourning

12 Dec 2023

Parvathy Thiruvothu: I've managed my expectations beautifully

...says the actor, talking ahead of the release of her Hindi feature, Kadak Singh. She opens up about figuring out the essence of a character, her idea of being busy' among other things

06 Dec 2023

Antony Movie Review: Overfamiliarity breeds fatigue

Antony works more as an audition reel of Joju's formidable screen presence than a wholesomely entertaining movie

01 Dec 2023

Falimy director Nithish Sahadev: Filming that DDLJ moment was quite a task

The filmmaker, on his directorial debut, on the challenges of bringing a distinct and more accessible vision to a film that aims for the heart and the rib

28 Nov 2023

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