Yogi Babu plays pivotal role in murder mystery titled 50/50

50/50, directed by Kirshna Sai, also stars John Vijay, Mottai Rajendran, and Shruthi Ramakrishnan
Yogi Babu
Yogi Babu

At a time when every other film includes Yogi Babu - usually in a supporting role - director Krishna Sai says the plot of his upcoming horror-comedy 50/50 actually revolves around the popular comedian. Yogi Babu even gets a pair in the film - Mumbai-model Shreya Gupta. "Babu has two songs, one of which is the solo number by Super Singer Junior-fame Poovaiyar that has already gained attention," adds Krishna. 

The director, who successfully debuted in Kannada with the murder mystery Traya, feels language is no barrier as long as the script is good. 

Elaborating on the plot of his film, he says, "In a temple town, three brothers - Yogi Babu, `Mottai' Rajendran and John Vijay - have fun at each other's expense. Meanwhile, a group of teenagers (including Sethuraman and Shruthi Ramakrishnan) helps the police solve a tricky case. Along the way, they encounter the three brothers, who lend their support to unravel the murder mystery."

Cautioning the audience to not expect logic in the film, he adds the focus is on the dialogues and promises a fun-filled ride for the audience. 

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