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Viswanath Vijayanagaram

Check movie review: Not as clever as a chess movie should be

Check should have worked at least as a quasi-sports film, if not as a thriller, but doesn't quite click as either

26 Feb 2021

Naandhi Movie Review: A crime drama that fails to rise above the template

Despite being well-intentioned, Naandhi lacks both the consistency of a courtroom drama and the maturity of a legal procedural

19 Feb 2021

Fcuk Movie Review: A decent idea gone haywire

Despite having an interesting idea at its core, all we get is a farcical drama

12 Feb 2021

30 Rojullo Preminchadam Ela Movie Review: A jarring romcom 

A badly-written film with underwhelming performances 

29 Jan 2021

Bangaru Bullodu Movie Review: A frivolous, badly-written comedy

An outdated, badly-written comedy that gives us the vibes of a television soap

23 Jan 2021

Alludu Adhurs Movie Review: A poorly-executed comedy that tests your patience

Director Santosh Srinivas, with liberal help from an over-the-top and clownish Bellamkonda, overfeeds the audience with non-stop absurdity

15 Jan 2021

Red Movie Review: This whodunit thriller fails to impress 

An underwhelming remake of the Tamil hit Thadam

14 Jan 2021

Krack Movie Review: A fervent Ravi Teja powers a full-on masala script!

Barring a few issues, clever casting and some invigorating mass sequences make Krack the action masala flick that the cash-starved box-office needed right now

02 Feb 2021

Jaanu Movie Review: An intimate love story that largely works

Powered by the subtle music, neat cinematography, and nimble editing, Jaanu is out a decent love story that is told from the perspective of its lead pair

07 Feb 2020