Location Diaries: Tanya Ravichandran for Rasavathi - A cold challenge

This weekly column details the fascinating encounters that often take place on the sets of a film and this week, actor Tanya Ravichandran talks about her film Rasavathi
Location Diaries: Tanya Ravichandran for Rasavathi - A cold challenge

When shooting for director Santhakumar's Arjun Das-starrer Rasavathi, actor Tanya Ravichandran had to spend several weeks in Kodaikanal.

"I travelled to Kodai in childhood but this was my first visit for a film shoot. We shot in several places in scenic locations, like on mountain tops and in the town. It was a pleasant trip but we had no time to explore the town after the shoot," says Tanya.

Though the locales were picturesque, the biting cold got to her, "We shot there in December and so naturally, it was pretty cold. I don't mind cold weather, but shooting outdoors, especially during the night, with cold mountain winds blowing around us, was very challenging. One night the temperature dropped to one degree. The biting cold got me shivering, and I had to somehow complete my shots, despite it all."

One important emotional scene became all the more challenging due to the weather, as cold winds set both Arjun Das and Tanya shivering. "But the minute the director said 'action', we both forgot our discomfort and plunged into the scene. The minute the shot was over, all I could think of was, imagining a yummy hot meal in my room later."

Another scene which became challenging because of the cold was a bike ride on the roads of Kodaikanal. "I was riding pillion behind Arjun. As the bike picked up speed and cut through the cold mountain air, we were both chilled to our bones. That was one evening I will never forget," she recalls.

The actor reveals camaraderie she shared with Arjun Das, made the film shoot easier. "I first met Arjun at the film's photoshoot. But we didn't speak much then. Once the shoot began, it took us a few days to break the ice and get talking freely. I discovered that he's a very sweet and genuine person. Now, I view him as one of my very good friends from the film industry."

Director Santhakumar's style of working helped Tanya understand her character and aided her performance. "On our first meeting, I thought he would be very strict and serious. But when we started working, I came to know that he's actually a very soft-spoken and gentle person. On sets, he would come up to his actors and calmly and quietly explain what he wanted. Every morning he would discuss our characters with us encourage questions and clear any doubts we had. This quality helped me understand the nuances of my character more deeply and hence, perform better."

Was there any prep he asked her to do before the shoot commenced? "No, the only thing he said was, to be relaxed, be cool and harbour no stress'. My character, Surya, is something new for me and the film shoot of Rasavathi will remain a memorable experience," Tanya signs off.

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