Location Diaries: Megha Akash - Scenic locations and warm people

Location Diaries: Megha Akash - Scenic locations and warm people

This weekly column details the fascinating encounters that often take place on the sets of a film, and this week, actor Megha Akash talks about her experience shooting for Megha Akash Mazhai Pidikkaatha Manithan

When shooting for the Vijay Antony-starrer Mazhai Pidikkaatha Manithan, actor Megha Akash traveled to Daman and Diu for one portion of the schedule.

Talking about the picturesque locations, brought back fond memories for the Enai Noki Paayum Thota actor. “I can never forget the shooting in Daman and Diu. It was my first visit there and the locations were just breathtaking,” says Megha.

In Daman, she was introduced to ‘glamping’, a luxury camping experience. “I really enjoyed my first glamping experience, as we stayed at a very quaint and cute resort. At night, it was more special as we could see the local fort at a distance, which was looking beautiful as it was all lit up. Daman Beach was nearby. I love being near the beach, so I had a great time there."

When in Diu, Megha got to taste the local cuisine and do some shopping after the shoot. “I loved Diu too. The local food was delectable and when I got some free time,  my mom and I went to a local market and bought some clothes. It was a very memorable experience,” she recalls.

Although there were many places to explore in both locations, Megha prioritised shooting for the film and kept her travel bug aside. “Shooting at outdoor locations is always time-consuming, so you don’t really get time to explore the places as much as you’d like to. In Diu, for instance, though I managed to visit the local fort there, I didn’t really have enough time to go in. So we just drove around the fort and went for a drive by the beach. It was lovely.”

On set, Megha found a friendly companion in actor Praniti. “I had a lot of fun on sets with Praniti who plays my younger sister. We used to entertain each other by telling stories and playing small pranks on the assistant directors.”

She also had a furry friend to keep her company when she wasn’t shooting. When the puppy was in front of the camera with her, Megha described it to be a unique experience. "Most of the time it was really easy, but for certain scenes, we had to wait for the puppy to give the right shot. But it was too adorable, so we all didn’t mind at all!" she notes.

The picture-perfect locations also posed challenges while filming. Megha narrates, “On a particular morning in Diu, we had a shot on a small cliff. Not only was it hard to reach the location, but the temperature also became cold. It was doubly difficult to wear a saree for the shot and I found it hard to navigate the rocky terrain. Luckily,  everyone helped me to cross the rocky terrain without any mishaps. Once we got to the actual location, we forgot all the obstacles we endured as the views were worth it!”

Observing co-star Vijay Antony at work, Megha explains, “Working with him was a very calming experience. He is very nice to everyone on sets and also extremely patient. When you ask him any question, he will patiently answer.”

But one particular scene with Vijay Antony left a lasting impression on her. “I vividly remember that it was in a cafe where he and I had to have a very important conversation. That was a delightful learning experience. When I saw the shot during dubbing, I was very excited about the way it had turned out.”

Megha credits co-star Vijay Antony and director Vijay Milton for the positive atmosphere they had maintained on the sets of the film, “Both of them are well experienced and I  got to learn a lot from them. But they are also wonderful human beings. The atmosphere on sets was always positive because of both of them, which made the shoot all the more memorable.”

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