Ganesh: There is nothing bigger than one’s language

The actor talks about what attracted him to the subject of Geetha, his equation with debutant director Vijay, why this role was challenging, and more
Ganesh: There is nothing bigger than one’s language

Geetha is a special film in Ganesh's life. It is important enough that that the actor-producer had decided to do something for the first time. Ganesh, who never visits the theatre on the release day, is set to make an appearance for the first show of his film on the first day.

“This happens when you are confident about the product. I felt I should enjoy that excitement with people. Moreover, I want to witness the reaction of the audience while they are watching the film,” says Ganesh, who feels that Geetha was a responsible subject to handle, and his rapport with a fresh director like Vijay Naagendra helped take the film to the next level. “Usually, I lock the script with just two-three readings, but I took almost 12-13 readings with this,” he reveals.

Ganesh is aware that his films need an element of romance, since that has been his forte, and something the audience has always expected from him since I. But, according to Ganesh, what sets Geetha apart is the strong backdrop of the Gokak issue. “I consider romance as a safe bet at the box office. But I can’t stick to it for long. Setting a subject with a strong backdrop that blends with love has always been a challenge, and it was possible with Geetha,” says the actor, adding that there was a kind of a spark when Vijay narrated the story to him. “In addition to the romance, I was excited when he read the part about the Gokak agitation. The patriotism in me was at an all-time high when I heard the episode which dealt with the Kannada language. Be it portraying a romantic hero or an angry young man, I felt there was a lot I could deliver with this character in Geetha.

Geetha has not only revived the title of the 1983 classic Shankar Nag film, but also used the original track, Geetha Sangeetha. 

To recreate an episode like the Gokak agitation on the silver screen was an electrifying experience, says Ganesh. “I had read a few clippings about the issue, and listened to the radio interviews of Annavru (Dr Rajkumar), but I got to know a lot of inside details only through this film. I realised that there is nothing bigger than the language. As an actor, I got established only through a Kannada film like Mungaru Male, and that is what has brought me till here. Respect for the state and the language cannot be expressed in a few words.”

Ganesh has joined hands with Syed Salam to bankroll Geetha. “We were happy to team up for such a good project. Geetha has only given us good vibes, right from the start of the film, and continues to do so,” he says.

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