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The Water Man Movie Review: An intriguing film that pits the average with the good

An underwhelming primary plot, some fine acting, and a good side-story of family troubles 

09 Jul 2021

Last Summer Movie Review: Charms you through its beautiful depiction of an adolescent's journey

The sensitive, subtle writing makes it hard not to ruminate through the doses of nostalgia, empathy, and heartbreak that this Turkish coming-of-age drama offers

09 Jul 2021

Elize Matsunaga - Once Upon a Crime Docu-series Review: Unsettling, gut-wrenching, riveting

This documentation of a grotesque crime is a fitting addition to Netflix’s library of true-crime documentaries

09 Jul 2021

The 8th Night: A long, long night with few spooks and thrills

This latest Netflix horror film has all it takes to stand apart in the genre but fails miserably with its sluggish writing that gives no engagement

06 Jul 2021

Skylines Movie Review: An average addition to the trilogy, but not entirely unwatchable

Had the makers put a bit more thought into it, this end to the trilogy could have been so much better

05 Jul 2021

The Tomorrow War Movie Review: Predictable storytelling comes in the way of spectacle

The action is great in this Chris Pratt-led popcorn feast but there’s little inventiveness otherwise

02 Jul 2021

Sex/Life Season 1 Review: Poorly conceived on every front
Sex/Life Season 1 Review: Poorly conceived on every front

An unnecessary amount of graphic sexual content that leads nowhere is a clear indication that the show has nothing to offer

26 Jun 2021

Murder by the Coast Documentary Review: A menacing, even if formulaic, documentary

The new true-crime title is largely formalistic in its structure, but benefits from its innately menacing subject matter

25 Jun 2021

Fatherhood Movie Review: Heart over art

This Kevin Hart-starrer tells an endearing story with the right measure of wit

23 Jun 2021


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