Rangasamudra Movie Review: A hearty journey of a grandfather and a grandson
Rangasamudra Movie Review: A hearty journey of a grandfather and a grandson

Rangasamudra Movie Review: A hearty journey of a grandfather and a grandson

Rating:(2.5 / 5)

Nestled in a remote village, Rangasamudra initially presents itself as a potential children’s film. However, as the storyline unfolds, it unveils seasoned actors, particularly Rangayana Raghu, portraying a grandparent in a touching tale. Set in the enchanting 90s, the narrative takes a nostalgic brushstroke through the picturesque village of Rangasamudra, located on the Karnataka-Maharashtra border. The film introduces us to a heartfelt journey, as a grandson endeavours to fulfill his grandfather’s simple yet poignant wish - a ride in a car.

Cast : Rangayana Raghu, Raghavendra Rajkumar, Sampath Raj, Divya Gowda, Ugramm Manju, Master Mahendra, and Karthik Rao
Director : Rajkumar Aski

Deviating from the conventional commercial film template, Rangasamudra avoids typical action or drama clichés. Instead, it intricately weaves in delightful melodies and a touch of romance, primarily centred around the school teachers. Goobe, also known as Mahalinga, the only grandson of a respected folk artist portrayed by Rangayana, takes centre stage amidst the usual escapades of schoolchildren. The director simultaneously imparts vital life lessons through various characters, addressing themes of humanity and morality.
Rangayana Raghu shines every time he graces the screen, as a folk artist, he exemplifies a life of dignity. The innocence portrayed by the children, with a key appearance by Raghavendra Rajkumar, adds a charming touch. Another noteworthy character is Sampath Raj, who represents the epitome of wealth and ego. The narrative takes an intriguing turn when the wealthy man insults the artist, leading to a challenge taken up by the grandchild, forming the crux of the film.
The filmmakers introduce another layer to the storyline, focusing on the love story of a teacher. While the screenplay occasionally loses its connection to the main theme, the music, particularly the final number sung by Oscar-winning composer MM Keeravani, adds a soothing touch to the overall experience.
While the film exhibits passable direction and cinematography, the screenplay falters at times, with moments of highs and lows that occasionally feel dragged out. The heartfelt portrayal of the grandfather-grandson relationship adds emotional depth, despite some overly dramatized scenes.
Rangasamudra may not be flawless, but capturing the essence of a bygone era, it not only provides a glimpse into heritage but also seeks to impart the significance of education. A blend of family drama, revenge, and a dash of action, the film, despite its occasional shortcomings, manages to captivate, making it an engaging watch.

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