Nag Ashwin: I made Kalki 2898 AD for the 10-year-old me

Kalki 2898 AD marks the third feature film for the director, and his first venture into the sci-fi genre
Nag Ashwin
Nag Ashwin

On Friday, Kalki 2898 AD director Nag Ashwin had an interaction with the media, answering the many queries about the Kalki cinematic universe, while also candidly addressing the criticism about the liberal use of mythology in his narrative. At the event, Nag Ashwin also talked about the main reason he wanted to make Kalki 2898 AD.

While answering a question about whether Kalki 2898 AD was deliberately more light-hearted than dark in its narrative, in order to appeal to children, the director said, “Yes, it was a conscious call. I am making it for my 10-year-old self. I want to watch this, and have lots of questions, have my imagination and curiosity triggered.” Nag Ashwin further talked about his observation of kids’ response to Bujji, the AI-bot automobile, in his film. He added, “When i see kids taking photos or videos with Bujji, I just see that wonder. For me, that’s the main agenda of the film.”

Nag also expressed an intention to create homegrown superheroes, for an audience that’s largely used to American pop-culture and superheroes. He said, “I see kids wearing Thor and Avengers theme t-shirts. And I thought it would be good if we made our own stories for this audience. This could also help them learn about Mahabharata a bit more and about original heroes of our mythology.”

As of Friday, July 5, Kalki 2898 AD had grossed nearly Rs 709 crore at the box office worldwide, according to a report from box office tracker

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