‘Ee Jeevithamante’ from Sarangadhariya is an evocative yet anthemic ode to life

Eminent composer M Ebenezer Paul is the music director for the film
Raja Raveendar in Sarangadhariya

The makers of Sarangadhariya released their new single, titled ‘Ee Jeevithamante’, on Monday. The music for the upcoming relationship drama is composed by M Ebenezer Paul.

‘Ee Jeevithamante’ is a mellow and evocative composition that also has a rousing and anthemic feel to it. Dinker Kalvala is the playback singer for the number. The lyrics, ruminating about the philosophy of a content life, are penned by Rambaby Gosala. 

Directed by Padmarao Abbisetti, Sarangadhariya features Raja Raveendar as a middle-class patriarch who, along with his family, is met with a crisis when his daughter gets charged with a criminal case. The film’s primary cast includes actors like Shivakumar Ramachandravarapu, Yashaswini Srinivas, Mohit Pedada, Neela Priya Devulapalli, Madhu, Srikanta Ayangar, and Kadambari Kiran. Sidharth Swayamboo is the cinematographer for the film, and Rakesh Reddy is the editor.

The makers of the film also officially announced the release date on this occasion. Produced by Umadevi and Sarat Chandra Challapalli under the banner of Saija Creations, Sarangadhariya will hit theatres on July 12.

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