Anjaamai director Subburaman: Every film need not provide a solution

Anjaamai is slated for a June 7 release
Anjaamai director Subburaman: Every film need not provide a solution

In a pre-release event, SP Subburaman, the director of the upcoming Vidharth and Vani Bhojan-starrer Anjaamai, stated that while it is a political drama, it stands out from other such films that provide a solution. Anjaamai revolves around the travails of students who appear for NEET and their parents. The film also has Rahman, Krithik Mohan, and Rekha Sivan cast in prominent roles.

When CE asked if at all the solution suggested by Anjaamai could have any positive effect, since several leaders have ruled out the possibility of rolling back the medical entrance exam, the director responded, saying, "Not all films need to give a solution. Anjaamai is not a film about solutions; rather, it just voices the pain of parents and students in pursuit of a decent education. Tell me the number of occasions the government has heard about a film that gives a solution for a particular problem."

Earlier in the event, as an extension of the director's comment, producer and psychiatrist Dr Thirunavukkarasu said, "Anjaamai does not take sides. It doesn't call out anything as good or bad, either. It rather points out some truths that are brought up in discussions about NEET in society. I graduated with an MBBS in 1968; I have first witnessed the evolution of medical education in India and Tamil Nadu, so I felt this story needs to be told."

Former IAS officer Balachandran, who plays the role of a judge in the film, called it a film that reflects the perennial battle of people to seek justice and fairness from the judicial system. "The film shows what happens when the judicial system fails to offer a fair solution for a social issue," he said.

Defying existing K-town myths regarding actresses' longevity if they don't play age-appropriate roles, Vaani Bhojan said if she had rejected her Anjaamai role, citing age as a reason, she is not fit to be an actor. "People tried to convince me against playing a mother of two at the beginning, implying that she would be relegated to just another mother character," she stated. "I thank Dr Thirunavukkarasu for taking the courage to produce a project so relevant in today's time and age. Acting alongside Vidharth has been an enriching experience."

Anjaamai has cinematography by Karthick, editing by Ramsudharsan, and music by Raghav Prasad. Created and produced by Dr M Thirunavukarasu MD, as well as presented by Dream Warrior Pictures, Anjaamai is slated for a June 7 release.

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