First look of Jama out

Jama stars Chetan, Ammu Abhirami, Srikrishna Dayal and KVN Manimegalai, among others
First look of Jama out

The first look of actor Pari Elavazhagan's debut film Jama has been released by the makers along with a motion poster. It features an actor clad in a therukoothu attire, heavy makeup and head gear. The film has music by Ilaiyaraaja.

Pari Elavazhagan has previously worked in films like Yaanum Theeyavan (2017), Chennai Palani Mars (2019), and the recent J Baby.

In an earlier conversation with CE, director Pari Elavazhagan, who is also playing the lead role in the film as a therukoothu artiste, who dons female roles in plays, said, "A group of therukoothu artistes who work together as a team is called a Jama. The story revolves around two artistes who start a Jama together. How the protagonist attempts to reclaim the leadership post that his father once lost forms the basic storyline of the film."

He further explained, "In earlier days, considering safety issues, women did not participate in the art form, so men stepped in to play female characters. As they started donning these roles more, they were required to grow long hair, and their body language also started changing in an effeminate way. This caused a lot of hardships in their personal and professional lives, to the extent of fellow artistes disrespecting them." He adds that the amount of respect that an actor is given for playing male roles would not be the same for an artiste playing a woman. Jama would explore the life of one such artiste, played by Pari himself, and his endeavours to become a leader of the troupe.

Jama, which was completely shot in and around Thiruvannamalai, also stars Chetan, Ammu Abhirami, Srikrishna Dayal, KVN Manimegalai, Kaala Kumar, Vasanth Marimuthu, and Siva Maran, among others. On the technical front, the film has cinematography by Gopal Krishna, editing by Partha MA, and art direction by Srikanth Gopal. Learn and Teach Production, which has previously backed Koozhangal, is bankrolling this film. While the makers have completed the shoot and the post production work for the film, a release date is yet to be announced.

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