Vedhika: I would love to do a film like Black Swan

The actor recounts the first time she met Prabhu Deva, acting alongside the star years later, her regrets, and hopes for the future
Vedhika: I would love to do a film like Black Swan

Even though she was already three films into the Tamil film industry by then, it is perhaps Kaalai (2008), that made her a household name. Her dance performance alongside Simbu in ‘Kutti Pisase’, was a constant presence on television channels during the time of the film’s release. Sharing an anecdote about the song, Vedhika says, “Years ago, I met Prabhu Deva sir for the first time while he happened to be on my film’s set one day. I told him I was a big fan. He complimented my dance in ‘Kutti Pisase’ and it made me so happy to receive such a compliment from a legendary dancer like himself.” The actor then points out the charming “life comes a full circle” moment when she got to dance alongside Prabhu Deva in their upcoming film Petta Rap. She confessed to being initially nervous. “I had to be on the tip of my toes while dancing with him.” However, the actor worked hard to make sure that she could try and match the skills of her co-star. “I prepared a lot so I didn’t take many retakes while dancing with him. And thankfully, everything went smoothly and I think I did a good job,” she says.

While the recently released teaser would have us believe that Vedhika only exists in the film to shake a leg with Prabhu Deva, she says that her character is more than that. When asked to describe the character, the actor gives us an elusive answer. “There is no straight answer to that.” And yet, she tries, “I play a rockstar; a singing sensation. She is very passionate about music and dance. That is why you see a lot of dance sequences in the trailer.” Vedhika goes on to note how her character in Petta Rap is colourful and youthful, which is in stark contrast to her recent releases, Razakar and Yakshini, the latter being her streaming debut. On her role in Yakshini, the Disney+Hotstar series, Vedhika says it is her, “most performance-oriented role to date.” She adds, "I think I am late to streaming. A lot of my contemporaries have started their streaming debuts already. Streaming platforms take you to a wider audience."

From commercial entertainers like Shivalinga and Kanchana 3 to intense period dramas like Kaaviya Thalaivan and Paradesi, Vedhika’s filmography is filled with films of varying tonality. While the latter films helped boost her image as a performer, Vedhika reveals that she never set out to prove her acting skills in the first place. “After Paradesi, I started getting a lot of performance-oriented roles. Maybe because intense roles require a type of focus from the actors and directors believed I could do that after watching my performance in the film. However, I took up Paradesi only because I wanted to work with Bala sir and I am grateful he chose me for that role.” Diagonally opposite to gratitude lies regret and when asked if she ever regretted taking up a film, Vedhika says she doesn’t regret 99 per cent of her choices. However, there still is that one per cent. “I do regret taking up a guest role in one film. I took it up out of desperation to get ahead of the game right after the COVID pandemic and I wish I hadn’t done that,” says Vedhika. On the other hand, even when she did like a particular project and her role in it, the film might have ended up being a disappointment at the box office. When asked how she deals with that, Vedhika says, “As long as my character is spoken about, that film is a hit in my eyes. I also never made my career choice based on the box office performances of my previous films. Having talked enough about the past, the actor shares her hopes for the future. “I like challenges. For example, I have become confident in my Tamil and I have started dubbing for myself. I already finished my dubbing work for Gajana and I am considering dubbing for Petta Rap.” Speaking of challenges, we couldn’t help but ask about her dream role. Vedhika says, “For a long time, whenever someone asked me that question, I always said something like a dual role.” She then adds, “I think I would love to do something like Black Swan (2010). Vedhika says she is already working on a similar psychological thriller and reveals she is excited to share information about the film soon. 

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