SR Prabhakaran: Rekkai Mulaithen will break stereotypes about me

The director, who is set to foray into production with his upcoming film Rekkai Mulaithen, shares insights about the film
SR Prabhakaran: Rekkai Mulaithen will break stereotypes about me

Filmmaker SR Prabhakaran, who is best known for directing the Sasikumar-starrer Sundarapandian, is set to foray into production with his upcoming film, Rekkai Mulaithen. Apart from producing, SR Prabhakaran has also written and directed the upcoming film, under his banner, Stone Elephant Creations. "Since my debut film Sundarapandian, I have spent over ten years in the film industry. The success or failure of a film significantly impacts the opportunities available to a director. It's unfortunate that when a film fails, it can lead to unwarranted rejection of the filmmaker and their talent. Regrettably, such incidents occur all too often in the industry. Moreover, the industry's focus on profitability often leads to the unintentional neglect of an artist. These concerns are the primary motivation behind establishing my own production company," expounds the director, on why he chose to start his own production company.

As Rekkai Mulaithen is the debut venture of his new banner, Prabhakaran hints that he has tried to subvert certain conditioned prejudices the industry has on him, beginning with the film's genre, "I've noticed that since I started with Sundarapandian, people tend to associate me only with rural stories. I really wanted to break away from that. Rekkai Mulaithen is a crime thriller set in the city," says Prabhakaran.

About the film, he reveals that a song from Sundarapandian influenced the film's title, "There is a song in Sundarapandian that begins with the line, 'Rekkai Mulaithen'. The title is not just taken as a homage to my first film. The title carries a meaning that is closely connected to an overarching philosophy that has been underlying in the plot", says the director before providing an elaborate idea about the film's plot, "The film is about a group of four friends who are starting their college journey after finishing high school. The narrative follows a police investigation into a tragic incident involving the friends. While Tanya Ravichandran plays the investigator, the four friends are essayed by newcomers," reveals Prabhakaran.

Apart from Tanya, the film also stars Jayaprakash, Aadukalam Naren, Kajaraj, Jeevaravi, and Meera Krishnan, among others. The film's technical team includes composer Dharan Kumar, cinematographer Ganesh Santhanam, and editor Biju Don Bosco. 

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