Samyuktha Interview: Vaathi is simple yet powerful

Samyuktha speaks her heart out about her upcoming big release Vaathi, her choices, the quest for reinventing her craft and more
Samyuktha Interview: Vaathi is simple yet powerful

In this journey of life, the inquisitiveness about what is awaiting us in the curve ahead is one of the more fascinating elements. But this curiosity never deterred actor Samyuktha from having a clear route map in her head, especially after a rocky start in cinema. "Since day one, I always wanted to do good films, and become successful. However, only off-late did I get a clear idea. I'll be happy to do commercial films given that they are sensible and I have a promising character. I'd prefer being part of the film's crux rather than just being around for the entire film," she asserts.

It is this conviction that has got her big-ticket films with author-backed roles across languages. For someone who started her career with the experimental Malayalam film, Lilli (2018), Samyuktha shifted gears in 2022 to star in Bheemla Nayak (Telugu), Kaduva (Malayalam) and is now headlining the upcoming Tamil-Telugu bilingual, Vaathi. Noting that Vaathi is yet another important film in her career, Samyuktha says, "Firstly, I feel happy and proud to be part of such a film. Venky (Atluri) sir has written this film in a way it will be relatable to everyone. It is simple yet powerful. In the film, I play a teacher named Meenakshi. The character is part of the major conflict and not just part of a romantic track."

Having played a teacher in Vaathi, Samyuktha did take a journey down memory lane to her own school days. "I think school days are one of the most beautiful times in our lives. And while working on the film, I did remember my teachers and their body language. I also took little inspiration from them to play Meenakshi," she adds.

Samyuktha's journey so far has offered the hits that took her to the next level, misses that taught her life lessons, and of course, surprises beyond her expectation. About her strategy for the current phase of her career, Samyuktha reveals that she may not take up experimental films like Lilli or female-centric films that solely fall under the thriller genre. "In life, I go with the flow, but when it comes to my profession I like to plan a few things. I am at the stage of my career where I am neither a newbie nor an established star. Honestly, I will next do a female-centric subject only if the subject is novel and gives me the confidence to pull it off. I also respect filmmakers and actors who can carry a commercial film and have the ability to bring the masses to the theatres," says Samyuktha, adding, "A film will become a hit when it's done with pure intent and genuine filmmaking efforts where everybody puts their heart into it."

Samyuktha, who has been juggling between films across Tamil, Telugu, and Malayalam, believes that the acting process is very much the same everywhere. Nonetheless, she understands that reinvention is an essential part of her artistic journey. While many artists engage in various pursuits such as travel, poetry, painting, and more, to refuel their creativity, Samyukhta prefers staying away from the limelight to recharge and discover herself all over again. "I understand the trappings of stardom, and the incessant need to put the best versions of ourselves on social media. But I don't want to make it a compulsive habit and feel the urge to post something every single waking moment. I try to take a break from this once in a while and keep away from this celebrity status. I yearn to be one with myself and live a life in the simplest way possible. I feel staying grounded helps in learning," Samyuktha says.

Success in the journey of an artist is like passing clouds in the sky, and the possibility of a dark cloud in the form of a non-success always looms large. "Why crib about things not going my way when I am swamped by abundant love and compassion?" It is this love and compassion that Samyuktha believes will become multifold after the release of Vaathi, which is set to hit the screens this Friday. "I feel grateful beyond words for all that I have received. My instinct says this journey is not only to understand how I can entertain people who love me but something beyond that. My journey is to find a certain meaning... a purpose of sorts. Isn't that the most beautiful part of this journey?"

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