Harish Kalyan Interview: My roles should strike the right chords with audiences 

The actor speaks about his upcoming family entertainer, LGM, the quest to explore different genres and future aspirations
Harish Kalyan Interview: My roles should strike the right chords with audiences 

In October 2022, actor Harish Kalyan got married to his beloved. Just a few months later, he landed on the bustling sets of Let's Get Married (LGM). Opening up about the coincidence surrounding the film, which hits the screens this Friday, Harish says, "I was just getting into the realm of real married life, and I saw the script of LGM reflect my reality. Being a bridge between a mother and wife/ fiancée/lover is truly no easy feat."  

In this conversation, Harish speaks about his role in LGM, his quest to break the monotony, and his striving to strike the right chords with the audience.


In LGM, the families embark on a road trip for a purpose. Do you personally believe that a trip can change a perspective or give answers to what we are looking out for?

Of course, I believe the journey will guide us on a path and make us realise what you seek is seeking you. One of the trips closest to my heart is to Kanyakumari with a bunch of my friends. It was truly a life-changing trip. 

Do you think the roles played by Nadiya and you will join the memorable list of mom-son duos in Tamil cinema?

When I first met Nadiya ma'am, I told her I loved her in M Kumaran Son of Mahalakshmi. I don't want to compare that with our chemistry in LGM. But, there is a beautiful bonding in this film. Our scenes and montage have come out so beautifully, and it will be very relatable. 

Usually, in intergenerational dramas, we have seen obnoxious mother-in-law and daughter-in-law tropes. Through LGM, do you think there will be a positive shift in portrayal? 

There are instances in this film, with respect to Nadiya ma'am and Ivana's characters , which will definitely connect with the audiences. But we have not projected it as a problem between them. We have tried to reflect on it in a positive and fun way. LGM also conveys a significant message-- how life is beautiful when we hold our family together. The best part is it is conveyed entertainingly without being preachy. 

You have predominantly done romantic comedies and dramas. Do you see LGM as an opportunity to explore a different genre?

Yes, LGM is more of a family entertainer. The film revolves around the relationship between Gautham, his mother and Meera. And as they go on a trip, we see how other people influence their lives and how the journey changes the situations. More than the romance between the leads, it is more about a family's journey. 

Every actor, in the early stage of their career, wants to play a rural film to cater to a new set of audiences. Do you see yourself exploring that genre too?

I always love to try new characters and looks. It is not just to expand my audience base but also to challenge myself. It is essential to break the monotony. For that, I need to get a promising script, and one such is my upcoming film, Lubber Pandhu, in which I will play a proper 'oorukara paiyan'. 

A couple of years ago, you said you aspire to play a Mass hero in a commercial film...

I have always yearned for it. Diesel will be that kind of film. It is a big-budget film with high-octane action-chase sequences and dance numbers. It will be a commercial entertainer packed with content that has not been explored, so far. 

Do you have that one role or a film in mind that you want to be part of and probably be remembered for? 

I don't want to have any expectations. I think expectations will limit my choices. Whatever it is, I want to play roles that will strike the right chord with the audience, and eventually etch a lasting memory in their heart.

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