OK Ravisankar receives recognistion for song in Oru Thathvika Avalokanam

The composer on making Aana Poloru Vandi from the upcoming Oru Thathvika Avalokanam
OK Ravisankar receives recognistion for song in Oru Thathvika Avalokanam

One more gifted musician from Malayalam is foraying into film soundtrack composition with the track Aana Poloru Vandi from director Akhil Marar's Oru Thathvika Avalokanam, a political satire starring Joju George, Niranj, Shammi Thilakan, Aju Varghese, Prasanth Alexander, and Jayakrishnan. OK Ravisankar, who worked on the situational track penned by Murugan Kattakada with vocals by Shankar Mahadevan, is getting noticed for his catchy composition.

Despite working on over 500 songs for around 80 music albums, this is the first time that Ravisankar has recorded a movie track. It's an experience that he would cherish for a lifetime. "From the outset, I only had Shankar Mahadevan's name in mind for the tune," says Ravisankar, adding that it wouldn't have been possible without the contribution of sound engineer Suneesh Benson - his frequent collaborator - and keyboard programmer Biju Paulose.

Due to the pandemic-related complications, there was a delay in the final recording process. The makers had almost considered going with another favourite singer of Ravisankar. "However, he couldn't get to the studio due to Covid fears," recalls the composer. "So with no other option, I decided to approach my initial choice, Shankar sir, and relayed my situation. He immediately got back with a message saying he liked the song and that the budget or payment wasn't an issue. He recorded the song eight days later."

Ravisankar, who also appears in television dramas, has composed another track in the film titled Thankasooryanudhichu, sung by Madhu Balakrishnan, Rajalakshmi, Jose Sagar, and Khalid. 

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