Ramarjuna Movie Review: The film trips on commercial stereotypes

Ramarjuna Movie Review: The film trips on commercial stereotypes

Despite having the ingredients to achieve a distinct identity, the film falls prey to commercial compromises and squanders its potential
Rating:(3 / 5)

With Ramarjuna, Aniissh, the actor-director-producer of the film, had the ideal formula for a blockbuster but falls short by miles. Despite having the ingredients to achieve a distinct identity, he falls prey to the commercial recipe of mechanically following what one considers to be demand of the audience.

Prominently dealing with the coverage of insurance, and the medical and political scandals surrounding it, the film is set in a small town in the outskirts of an urban city where a large group of middle-class people find a saviour in Ram (Aniissh). An insurance agent, who is just a phone call away to solve the problems of each house, he wants everyone to be covered with an insurance policy. 

He succeeds but realises the many loopholes surrounding the insurance arrangement, which is brought to light following the death of about 20 people in his area, eventually exposing a medical scam.

An unflappable Ram takes an infuriated Arjuna avatar, chasing and finishing off the culprits behind the scam. Whether he succeeds in bringing justice to his people forms the crux of the action-thriller.

Director: Aniissh

Cast: Aniissh, Nishvika Naidu, Rangayana Raghu, and  Sharath Lohithashwa

With acting, directing and producing Ramarjuna, Aniissh had taken up a lot on his young shoulders. As far as acting goes, he continues his regular formula of a commercial hero and delivers what is expected out of him. However, this being his first step as a director, the newcomer definitely has ample space for learning and unlearning.

Aniissh had good and sensitive content, with various subplots, however, the execution has been sensationalised with commercial aspects. He could have given us a good edge-of-the-seat thriller, had he cut down on the violence and worked towards keeping the suspense going. With the excitement of covering the entire scope, he dilutes the core subject and the story becomes predictable in a short runtime.  

One thing Aniissh has nailed is the casting for his film. He's got familiar faces such as actors Rangayana Raghu Peter and Sharath Lohithwasa playing fresh characters. There is also Nishvika Naidu, who charms in the first half. She plays Ram's love interest and offers good support through the film.

Overall, Aniissh’s capability as a director cannot be ruled out. He can certainly do better in the coming films provided he is serious about his directorial aspirations and can circumspect before taking up films.

With a good background score and a couple of nice songs, Ramarjuna by, for and of Aniissh makes for a  decent one-time watch.

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