Nanna prakara Movie Review
Nanna prakara Movie Review

Nanna Prakara Movie Review: Kishore, Priyamani star in an interesting, well-paced crime thriller

The multi-layered crime thriller intrigues the audience in several parts and makes for an interesting watch
Rating:(3 / 5)

Sensational crime stories from police files have always evoked the interest of viewers, who remain hooked to late-night detective shows on television. Director Vinay Balaji has intelligently followed a similar pattern in his debut. The multi-layered crime thriller intrigues the audience in several parts and makes for an interesting watch.

Cast: Kishore, Priyamani, Mayuri and Pramod Shetty

Director: Vinay Balaji

Ashok (Kishore) plays a cop whose character is established with an action sequence, followed by the introduction of his wife Amrutha (Priyamani), a doctor. Ashok is handed the case of Vismaya Suresh (Mayuri), who is supposed to get married in a week to Suman (Arjun Jogi) but is burnt in a car accident. The episodes take a complicated turn when Ashok gets to know that two girls of the same name died at the same spot. Many suspects come under his radar. How Ashok solves the case is told through the anchor of a crime-based episode, which is aired on a TV channel.

Vinay does not come across as a first-time director in Nanna Prakara,  and gives an engrossing 118-minute thriller. Except for a couple of episodes, the director meticulously handles the crime story, detailing facts. The various twists and turns keep the curiosity going. What makes Nanna Prakara more interesting is the way every character is linked to Vismaya’s murder. 

Even though Kishore has played many such characters, he still brings something fresh to his role. His body language, dialogue delivery, and action, make him a perfect fit for the role. Priyamani’s character has important relevance in the film. Mayuri forms the soul of Nanna Prakara, and her episodes, coming in flashbacks, are told well in the narrative. Even though Pramod Shetty makes a presence only in a few scenes, the story is not complete without him. 

The background score by Arjun Ramu and DOP Manohar Joshi add to the overall feel of the film. Nanna Prakara breaks convention and makes the audience sit back for a thrilling watch.

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