Ravichandran to make two big announcements on his birthday

The filmmaker is brimming with ideas to make a notable comeback, aiming to revive the old charm in his films
Ravichandran to make two big announcements on his birthday

On the occasion of Ravichandran’s birthday, the beloved Crazy Star of Sandalwood is determined to make this year memorable for himself and is set to spend time with his fans. Meanwhile, all eyes are on him as he gears up to make a major announcement on his birthday.

The iconic actor-director is reportedly brimming with ideas to make a notable comeback and is aiming to bring back the old charm in his films. His fans eagerly anticipate news about his much-talked-about film, Premaloka 2, and an official announcement of it is expected to be made today. However, more details of the project will be revealed shortly.

Known for his extravagant filmmaking style and ability to captivate audiences, Ravichandran’s original Premaloka (1987) garnered significant success. It was produced under Eshwari Productions. Now, with Premaloka 2, Ravichandran aims to delve into the theme of love, celebrating the affection of his fans who still hold the original film close to their hearts.

As reported earlier, Premaloka 2 will feature Ravichandran himself alongside his two sons (Manoranjan and Vikram), making it a family affair both on and off the screen. With Ravichandran also composing music for the film, Premaloka 2 is shaping up to be a heartfelt tribute to the unwavering love of his audience.

While fans eagerly await further updates on Premaloka 2, Ravichandran has another surprise up his sleeve. Reports also suggest that he will unveil details about another upcoming project he has been quietly working on.

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