Naveen Reddy: Established faces come with certain expectations

The director discusses his shift to a rooted tale in his third outing, Moorane Krishnappa, and his decision to cast Rangayana Raghu and Sampath Maitreya in the film
Naveen Reddy: Established faces come with certain expectations

Naveen Reddy, the director of the films Akira and Relax Satya, is a firm believer that off-beat content can still make for a good commercial entertainer. His latest project, Moorane Krishnappa, starring Rangayana Raghu and Sampath Maitreya in the lead roles, reflects this belief. “Akira was a love story. And Relax Satya was an experiment—a project I
considered my film school. With my third outing, I wanted to go with a rooted subject, and that’s how Moorane Krishnappa came about,” says Naveen Reddy, affirming that every scene in the film is original.

Firstly, the film’s title, Moorane Krishnappa, is unique, and Naveen believes that this aspect of the title will capture the audience’s attention. “Titles like these add to the interest and curiosity among viewers,” he asserts.
Moreover, the buzz surrounding Moorane Krishnappa began with its trailer, which introduces viewers to the story of Veeranna (Rangayana Raghu), a village panchayat president. With local elections fast approaching, Veeranna devises a plan to build a temple, hoping to inaugurate it with a celebrity to gain political favor. He enlists Krishnappa, a school teacher (Sampath Maitreya), to help him secure the celebrity.Interestingly, the inspiration for this storyline came from a real-life incident in Naveen’s hometown. “I observed a similar situation back home, and it sparked the idea to make a film,” the director explains.

Naveen’s casting choices reflect his commitment to authenticity. “Established faces come with certain expectations. However, with versatile actors like Rangayana Raghu and Sampath Maitreya, their ability to bring each character to life and the story’s unique language rooted in Kolar’s essence makes it refreshing,” says Naveen. He particularly mentions how he discovered Sampath Maitreya’s potential after watching a scene featuring the actor in KGF. “I was not familiar with Sampath until I watched his scene in KGF. Thereafter, I took about six months to pen the story with him in mind, and then I approached him. Sometimes, stories decide the actors and help develop the narrative, which was the case with Moorane Krishnappa,” he says.

Produced by Mohan Reddy and Ravishankar’s Red Dragon Films, Moorane Krishnappa has music composed by Anand Rajavikram and Suprith Sharma, as well as cinematography by Yogi. It is scheduled for a May 24 release.

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