Sripriya: I remain open to all opportunities that help me grow as an actor

Sripriya discusses her role in the upcoming Film Moorane Krishnappa, alongside Sampath Maithreya & Rangayana Raghu
Sripriya: I remain open to all opportunities that help me grow as an actor

For someone like Sripriya, a theatre artiste and a Bharatanatyam dancer who runs a dance institute, there is an artistic approach in the roles she is being presented with. The actor, who made her debut with Tamil and followed with Kannada in Ondu Shikariya Kathe. She was last seen in Hosa Dinachari which was released in 2022. Her latest film, Entha Kathe Maraya, is directly out on an OTT streaming platform. She is simultaneously looking forward to seeing herself as a teacher in Moorane Krishnappa. "Somehow, the makers feel that I have a niche in indie films. My theatre background has directors approaching me for these roles. But I remain open to all opportunities and am happy to receive roles that help me grow as an actor," she says.

Explaining the significance of the title Moorane Krishnappa, she says, "When the director narrated the story, he explained how in villages, there are people with similar names, and this is also the case in our film where a handful of people share the same name and are differentiated by a number. Here, Sampath Maithreya is Moorane Krishnappa, and Rangayana Raghu plays my father's role. I play Shashi, a government school teacher in the film. She is soft-spoken, closely related to the village, but independent, with a strict father whom everybody fears. My role revolves around this dynamic," she says.

Despite her theatre background, certain characters required preparation, including the teacher role where she had to learn the dialect used in the film, which is predominantly spoken in Kolar and Bengaluru belt. Having the script earlier helped, and the director's clarity about the shots, and the role made the process smoother. Though my screen time is less compared to Sampath and Rangayana, this film was different and the entire setup was unique, which captured my attention. Personally, working with two versatile actors was a learning experience," she says.

Moving forward, Sripriya has a couple of projects, and both are said to be anthology-based subjects which are in the filming stage.

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