Upendra: I'm curious to see how today's generation will receive a film like A

The actor discusses the re-release of the cult classic A, a film that stirred excitement 26 years ago and is now set to hit theatres on May 17
Upendra: I'm curious to see how today's generation will receive a film like A

This year, Kannada cinema has been witnessing a slew of Superstar films being re-released in theatres, thanks to the elections and the IPL season. While Puneeth Rajukumar’s Jackie, Power and Anjani Putra hit theatres recently, Real Star Upendra’s A is now in line to make a comeback to the theatres. Helmed by and starring Upendra in the lead, A hailed as a cult classic back in 1998. After a successful 100-day run at the box office, the film will be back on the big screens this May 17.

When asked about the film’s re-release, Upendra says, “When I made A, it was ahead of its time. I’m curious to see how today’s generation will receive it.”

The film’s songs, which were equally impressive, sold over 1.5 million audio cassettes. The film, which introduced Chandini, had music by Guru Kiran and cinematography by H C Venugopal. Recollecting the decision behind the title, Upendra shares, “The title A just came to me. It was my first film as a hero, and the content led us to choose the title. We thought the film would be certified ‘A’ by the censor board, which would mean that the film is for adults. But to me, A was for a mature audience. We also came up with the tagline ‘Only for intelligent people’.”

As for recreating the magic of his past films, Upendra explains, “My films are shaped by the audience. They inspire me to keep innovating. Today’s audience is even more discerning.” Upendra enjoyed every aspect of making A, including writing the story and dialogues, as the director and hero. He adds, “With experience, my enthusiasm has only grown. I’ve become more emotionally attached to cinema and its making. Comparing filmmaking styles then and now, Upendra reflects on how technology has impacted the craft. “In the past, we scouted for picturesque locations to enhance visuals. Now, it’s all about imagination. Technology challenges us to rely on our creative vision,” he explains.

As audiences await A, they’re also eager for Upendra’s next project UI. l confirm the release date of UI, once I have the first copy in June. The audience will determine whether the film is ahead of its time, after its release,” he concludes.

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