Darshan’s Prison ID 6106 inspires film title frenzy

KFCC President NM Suresh, speaking to CE, said that around 15 filmmakers have approached KFCC and are still approaching to register various titles, especially 6106

Darshan, currently under trial in the Renukaswamy murder case, has made headlines once again—not for his legal battles but rather for his prison identification number. Lodged in Parappana Agrahara Central Prison, Darshan has been assigned the undertrial prisoner number 6106. This number, which has become a badge of support for his fans and been used as auto and bike stickers, has also caught the eye of filmmakers and could become the title of a new film.

The buzz around Qaidi No 6106 is part of a larger trend where filmmakers are seeking titles that will connect with current events. They have previously approached the apex body of the Kannada film industry, seeking permission to register film titles like D Gang and Pattanagere Shed, explains KFCC President NM Suresh. "We have around 15 filmmakers seeking titles, with 6106 as the title being in high demand. The filmmakers, even though they explain that their stories will not directly be connected to Darshan’s case, will reflect the industry's growing interest in real-life inspired narratives. However, we have outrightly rejected these requests and instructed our officers not to encourage or approve such titles."

Previously, director Rocky Somli expressed frustration over the KFCC’s hesitation to approve the title D Gang. Despite working on the project for two years, Somli insists that his film has no ties to Darshan’s legal issues. He voiced his concerns, stating, “I fail to understand the decision of the KFCC to refuse to register D Gang as a film title.”

The line between Darshan’s current life and cinema blurs as filmmakers capitalize on public fascination with his story. Whether 6106 and similar titles are approved, this trend highlights the industry's drive to mirror reality, with gripping narratives both on and off the screen.

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