Darshan's wife Vijayalakshmi: He has urged all his fans to stay calm and focus on doing good deeds

Darshan's wife, in her comprehensive post, conveyed a heartfelt message to the actor's fans
Vijayalakshmi (L), Darshan (R)

Darshan Thoogudeepa Shrinivas, currently implicated in the Renuka Swamy murder case, has been sent to Central Prison, Bangalore. Recently, Darshan's wife, Vijayalakshmi, and son, Vineesh, visited him at the prison. Reports indicate that Darshan was deeply emotional upon seeing his wife and son and had a heartfelt conversation with them.

In her comprehensive post, Vijayalakshmi conveyed a heartfelt message to Darshan's supporters, emphasising how deeply the actor values his fans and appealing for their support during these challenging times. "You all know how much Darshan loves you. It is sad that we are in this situation today and have to stay at a distance from him. I have spoken to him in detail about the situation outside, and it has touched his heart. He has urged all his fans to stay calm and focus on doing good deeds, and he is confident that he will be in your prayers."

"We have immense faith in our nation's judicial system and believe brighter days are ahead. I firmly believe that anyone attempting to harm Darshan through words or actions during his absence will be dealt with by Mother Chamundeshwari," wrote Vijayalakshmi, while adding, "We request your support during these hard times. Your calmness will be our greatest strength. This too shall pass. The truth will prevail."

In brief, what is the Renuka Swamy murder case all about? Allegations suggest that Renuka Swamy sent indecent messages and photos to Pavithra Gowda, known to Darshan. Consequently, he was brought from Chitradurga to Bangalore and was assaulted, leading to his death. In this murder case, Pavithra Gowda is the primary accused, with actor Darshan and a total of 17 others arrested.

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