Bhavana Ramanna: If I have accepted Darshan as an artiste, I will continue to do so

She was interacting with the media about the Renukaswamy murder case, where Darshan stands as the second accused
Bhavana Ramanna-Darshan
Bhavana Ramanna (L), Darshan (R)

Actor Darshan has been imprisoned as the second accused in the murder of Renukaswamy. The actor is now in Parappana Agrahara Jail. The police are actively investigating the case, gathering key evidence, and preparing the charge sheet. Meanwhile, actor Bhavana Ramanna has publicly voiced her support for Darshan, stating, "I am standing by him. I have no hesitation in saying this."

Interacting with the media about the case during a film event, Bhavana said, "Why are you messaging someone else's daughters? Tell me what message came... I'm not saying this is right or wrong. You should show the other side of the story too. I personally stand for art and artistes. An investigation is underway regarding the crime. Just because someone is currently accused, I will not cowardly abandon them. If I have accepted Darshan as an artiste, I will continue to do so." Adding to this, Bhavana stated, "Stop making Renukaswamy a hero."

Anchor Hemalatha also expressed her support for actor Darshan on social media. In her post, she wrote, "Finally, could't stop myself! Thousands of people may speak thousands of words. We are all indebted to the friendship and love that once grew. Once caught in the bond of friendship, the link will not break. Never forget, never leave, never give up. I don't know what to say about this incident, but legally conclude it and come out clean. The love and respect for you (Darshan) will never diminish. Please stop making Renukaswamy a hero. It makes no sense," she posted on Instagram.

On the other hand, Kannada actor Anusha Rai expressed her disbelief over Darshan's involvement in the Renukaswamy case. She described Darshan as someone she had admired since childhood, having met him several times. Anusha emphasised Darshan's kindness, recalling his annual tradition of serving food to fans on his birthday and his respectful request for fans not to tattoo his name. She also spoke of Darshan's concern for fans' safety on the roads, as he urged them not to follow him at high speeds. Anusha questioned how such a caring person could be accused of a crime and underscored that he is currently accused and not convicted. She advised waiting for the legal process to unfold rather than spreading negative talk about him.

Anusha Rai-Darshan
A still of Anusha Rai with Darshan taken on the latter's birthday

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