Vikram Ravichandran: Mudhol will be a leap forward in my career

Currently recovering from his injury, Vikram Ravichandran remains enthusiastic about his upcoming sophomore film, where he’ll also take the reins as a producer
Vikram Ravichandran: Mudhol will be a leap forward in my career

Vikram Ravichandran is currently in recovery, undergoing his second round of physiotherapy for a shoulder injury. “It’s been quite the journey,” Vikram shares, mentioning that the injury occurred during the climax shoot of his upcoming film, Mudhol during a gruelling six-day action sequence. “No stunts, just pure intensity,” the actor explains, recalling the pain he endured on April 30. “It might take another month or so to completely recover,” he says adding that even stunt master Ravi Varma, got injured while choreographing the stunts.

Despite setbacks, Vikram’s spirits remain high as he talks about shaping the Karthik Rajan directorial, Mudhol, which is nearing completion. “Mudholis shaping up to be even bigger than expected,” he reveals. The actor is excited to don the producer’s hat for this ambitious project, relaunching his home banner, Eswari Productions. “Mudholisn’t just a film, it’s going to be a leap forwarding my career. I have taken a subject that is less chosen by actors of my age group. It’s a cinematic palace I’m building—unique and versatile,” he says.

With only two songs and five days of talkie portions left to film, Vikram doesn’t want to reveal much about the preparation he had to do to play the younger version of his character. “There’s some suspense there,” he teases. Behind the scenes, post-production work is in full swing, with dubbing for the film to begin in the coming week. “We’re aiming for a release this year,” Vikram says confidently.

Looking ahead, Vikram talks about a slew of projects lined up. “From the second half of 2024 onwards, you’ll see me in diverse roles,” he promises. “I’m collaborating with fresh directors to keep things exciting.”

Mudhol will be the first Kannada film of Karthik Rajan, who has previously worked on a Tamil web series, with director Vijay Chandar and has served as the writer of the Telugu film Raju Gari Gadi 2. The film, with Sanjana Anand as female lead sharing the screen with Vikram for the first time, will have music by Yuvaraj and editing by PK.

Coming to Premaloka 2, an ambitious project to be directed by his father, Ravichandran, and will star his brother and himself. “Right now, all my attention is on Mudhol,’ he says, acknowledging the potential of Premaloka 2. “I know it is shaping out to be a big film, but I have less knowledge about how my father is putting things together. But for sure, Premaloka 2 will be one of its kind,” he signs off.

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