Ganesh: Creating a sports drama is inherently demanding

The actor recently released a single from the upcoming film Sahara, starring Sarika Rao, which is slated to release this week
Ganesh: Creating a sports drama is 
inherently demanding

Manjesh Bhagwath’s upcoming film Sahara, featuring Sarika Rao and Ankush Rajath as the leads in this sports drama based on cricket, is set to hit the screens on June 7. Sudeep lent his voice to the film’s trailer, and Ganesh recently unveiled the first single, Ondu Shaktiyu, ahead of its release.

Acknowledging the unique challenge of crafting a sports drama infused with emotion and blended with essential commercial elements, Ganesh remarked, “Making a film of this genre is inherently demanding.” As a cricket enthusiast himself, Ganesh has actively participated in numerous celebrity cricket tournaments within the Kannada film industry.

“After witnessing the release of the song, it became evident to me that director Manjesh Bhagwath approached the project with passion. His love for the sport shines through,” Ganesh notes, acknowledging the dedication of the filmmaker. He also praised Sarika Rao’s performance in the titular role of Sahara. The film narrates the inspiring journey of Jayashree, a village girl who triumphs over numerous obstacles to pursue her dream of becoming a professional cricketer.

Sarika Rao dedicated months of rigorous training under the guidance of a professional cricket player to master the role of a leg spinner in the film, showcasing her commitment to authenticity and excellence in her portrayal. The film’s cast includes actor Sudharani portraying the role of a cricket coach along with Manjunath Hegde, Kuri Sunil, and Manjula Reddy, among others in supporting roles. The music for the film is composed by Suraj Jois, while Antony Ruth Vincent has cranked the camera. Sahara is produced by Shivkumar Madayya and distributed by KRG Studios.

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