Back Benchers is an absolute blast of a film, says cinematographer Manohar Joshi

The film with a fresh set of talents is slated for a July release
Back Benchers is an absolute blast of a film, says cinematographer Manohar Joshi

The upcoming film Back Benchers boasts a predominantly fresh set of talents, spearheaded by producer-director Rajashekhar and cinematographer Manohar Joshi. The director and cinematographer are leaving no stone unturned in their quest for box office success. Rajashekhar acknowledges the youthful vigour driving the film, noting a shift in his own approach due to their innovative contributions.

At the recent song release event, Rajashekhar lauded the enthusiastic involvement of the youth across all aspects of filmmaking. "Their proactive promotion efforts, including visits to ten colleges, reflect their determination to make a mark," said the director, as they anticipate a rewarding response at the box office following their five-month promotional efforts. The film is slated for a July release.

Cinematographer Manohar Joshi praised the dedication among the youth part of Back Benchers. "It's an absolute blast of a film. As a proud back-bencher myself, it's been nostalgic for me to relive those college days. The youth involved in this film have put in tremendous effort and delivered commendable performances in front of the camera," he remarked.

Anand Audio has released the song Yello Yello from Back Benchers. Sung by Nakul Abhayankar, who is also the composer, it has struck a chord with the masses.

The ensemble cast of Back Benchers includes Jatin Aryan, Akash MP, Shashank Simha, Suchendra Prasad, Arvind Kuplikar, Manya Gowda, Kumkum H, Anusha Suresh, Veyomi Vanitha, Manoj Shetty, Namitha Gowda, Vikas, Ranna, Vijay Prasad, Chaturthi Raj, and Gaurav.

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