Darshan accused, not convicted; let justice prevail: Sumalatha Amabreesh

Extending her condolences to the family of Renukaswamy, actor and former MP Sumalatha Ambareesh discussed her relationship with Darshan
Sumalatha Ambareesh-Darshan
Sumalatha Ambareesh, Darshan

Amidst ongoing legal proceedings involving actor Darshan and 16 others in the Renukaswamy murder case, actor and former MP Sumalatha Ambareesh has voiced her support for Darshan. Known for his enduring bond with Darshan, she addressed Darshan as her 'Eldest Son' and said that he has always addressed her as Mother India. Sumalatha's latest social media post has caught the attention of the Kannada film industry and among fans.

Sumalatha, who had not commented on this matter previously but has now addressed it on her social media, stated, "Today, I am posting to clarify some matters and to share my thoughts and pain. I do not wish to encourage speculation or unwarranted criticism in the media or on social media regarding my stance."

Sumalatha clarified, "I have been in public life for 44 years, first as an actress and artist, and for the past five years as a Member of Parliament. As an artist, wife, mother, and responsible individual, I have always taken every responsibility seriously. I cannot afford to make irresponsible, baseless, or unnecessary statements."

Sumalatha expressed deep sorrow over the case and conveyed condolences to Renukaswamy's family. "I extend my heartfelt condolences to Renukaswamy's family, whom I have lost in such a heartbreaking manner. I pray that God gives me the strength to face and heal from this tragedy. I pray for justice to be served through our legal system. This incident has shattered my heart, and it will take me many days to understand and come to terms with this pain."

She added, "Some people commenting on my silence do not understand the depth of the bond that Darshan, his family, and I have shared for years." She described her 25-year relationship with Darshan not only as a celebrated actor but as a cherished member of her family. She highlighted Darshan's kind-hearted nature and passion for animals, qualities endearing him to countless fans.

Sumalatha condemned the vilification of not just Darshan but also his wife Vijayalakshmi and their innocent son on social media. She decried the unfair targeting and expressed concern for the anguish endured by all accused families. With a plea for empathy and restraint, Sumalatha stressed the importance of allowing the legal process to unfold without prejudice or speculation.

She called on Darshan's supporters and the public to exercise patience and understanding, stressing that accusations do not equate to guilt. She urged moral support over negativity or judgement, expressing hope for truth and justice to prevail, allowing Darshan's rightful return to the industry and community.

Meanwhile, a Bangalore court extended judicial custody for Darshan and 17 others, including Pavitra Gouda, in the Renukaswamy murder case. Initially held for 14 days until July 4, custody has now been extended until July 18.

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