Darshan -Tharun Kishore Sudhir collaborate on a historical project Sindhoora Lakshmana

The movie will be produced by Shylaja Nag and Suresha B, with V Harikrishna composing the music
Darshan -Tharun Kishore Sudhir collaborate on a historical project Sindhoora Lakshmana

Darshan and Tharun Sudhir, who are revelling in the success of Kaatera, have announced their next collaboration. The successful duo is teaming up again, for the fourth time - D59, and this time for a historical venture on Indian revolutionary fighter, Sindhoora Lakshmana. Partnering with them are Yajamana and Kranti producers - Shylaja Nag and Suresha B, who will finance the project under their banner Media House Studio, and composer  V Harikrishna.

While Shylaja Nag expresses her excitement about this collaboration, Tharun shares a sentimental connection with Sindhoora Lakshmana. “Sindhoora Lakshmana was a play my father, and actor, theatre artist Sudheer, staged for at least 18000 shows, and it was a huge hit back then. The cassette of this play would sell like hotcakes, making it the highest-ever Ashwini audio in those days. I grew up watching this play, and I even remember the last day my father performed it. Even my mother has played a character in it. There are a lot of emotions attached to this title. Though I treat every film equally, this one is special and close to my heart. I am glad I took it up,” he says.

Tharun adds that the Challenging Star is always enthusiastic about portraying historical roles. “He had a vague idea about Sindhoora Lakshmana, and he would often discuss this role with me since I became a director with Chowka. Even my brother Nanda Kishore had approached him for this project, but it couldn’t materialize. I am glad we are finally making this project a reality,” says Tharun, who mentioned that the film requires a lot of preparatory work. “I am on a short break and I’ll start writing the script soon. I have travelled with Harikrishna and enjoy collaborating with him. As for Shylaja Nag, she is passionate about producing our film and Yajamana is a prime example of her dedication,” he says.

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