Diganth: Ravichandran's passion for cinema is infectious

The actor talks about his upcoming film, The Judgement and how the courtroom drama will be a refreshing experience for audiences yearning for novel content
Diganth: Ravichandran's passion for cinema is infectious

Diganth is one of the busiest actors today. Juggling back-to-back releases like Bachelor Party and Marigold, and having wrapped up shooting for Powder, he is also working on the sets of Uttarakaanda. Diganth is currently gearing up for the release of his upcoming film, The Judgement, which hits theatres this week. Catching up with the actor on the sidelines of the release, we question what drew him to this project and his specific role in Gururaj Kulkarni’s directorial.

“When the director approached me and mentioned Ravichandran’s involvement, it caught my attention. The opportunity to work alongside such a seasoned actor was too good to pass on, and instantly said yes. It was only later that I heard the story and understood my character, which was interesting, it felt like a double treat.”

In addition to Diganth, the film has Dhanya Ramkumar, Meghana Gaonkar, and Lakshmi Gopalaswamy, among others in its cast. The actor describes his role as an urban youth leading a mundane life with work and a decent salary, who has an affinity for pub culture. However, an unforeseen incident shatters this routine, plunging him into a courtroom drama that changes his life.

The actor expresses gratitude for the chance to explore diverse roles and credits directors for envisioning him in such varied characters, while highlighting Gururaj’s work on the screenplay, which he says will be engaging narrative. “With courtroom dramas being a rarity in Kannada cinema of late, I anticipate a refreshing experience for audiences yearning for novel content.

Navigating a courtroom setup for the first time, Diganth explains, “The importance of performance, the dialogue delivery, and body language in such an environment is where one encounters a spectrum of personalities,” he says. Reflecting on his interactions with Ravichandran, Diganth dispels preconceived notions of the veteran actor’s temperament. “While I had heard tales of Ravi sir’s short temper and mood swings, meeting him on set presented a completely different picture,” he shares. “He’s a joy to be around, always pulling pranks and spreading cheer. His passion for cinema is infectious, and he entertains us with anecdotes from his journey, from the Premaloka era to the present. He’s also a big music aficionado, often sharing his latest discoveries with us.”

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