Meghana Gaonkar: Working with Ravichandran in The Judgement is a dream half-fulfilled

The actor shares her excitement for her upcoming film and her experience working with the Crazy Star in the Gururaj Kulkarni directorial
Meghana Gaonkar: Working with Ravichandran in The Judgement is a dream half-fulfilled

Landing a role opposite the Crazy Star Ravichandran is a dream for many Kannada actors. For Meghana Gaonkar, it was a complete surprise. Never expecting such an opportunity, she found herself cast in The Judgement, a gripping courtroom thriller by Gururaj Kulkarni. In the film, Meghana takes on a mature character as Ravichandran's wife, a role that is an unexpected addition to her burgeoning career.

"I was presented with the opportunity just 2 days before the film went on floors. Generally, I take some time to decide whether or not to take a role, but in this case, I didn't think twice," Meghana shares excitedly. "I play a significant role, Ravi Sir's wife. At first, I saw this role as something for my future, but then thought, why wait? When the offer came, I was beyond thrilled about the prospect of working with him."

Growing up, Meghana, just like everyone else in the audience, was captivated by Ravichandran's films. "Ramachari is one of my favourite films with commendable performances by Malashree and Ravichandran. His film Ranadheera, is another cherished memory from childhood, especially the flute tune. And of course, there's Premaloka, a classic we always adore."

Ravichandran, known for his straightforward and unfiltered personality, left a strong impression on Meghana. "When I entered the industry, I was told he is naughty, frank, and without a filter. But when I worked with him, I saw how respectful he is. On seeing his passion for cinema, my respect for him only increased. I was in awe," she explains.

Despite the joy of working with Ravichandran, Meghana felt a twinge of disappointment. "We shot a song sequence, but it didn’t make the final cut. Ravichandran is known for his iconic songs, and I feel my pairing is incomplete without one. It's like half my wish is fulfilled. I am confident I will do another film with him and complete that dream."

In The Judgement, Meghana's character, Rohini, is a college professor and a columnist who plays a crucial role in influencing her husband's opinion. "The film intertwines a court thriller with family dynamics. Rohini, my character, balances the male ego and subtly conveys powerful messages," she describes.

When choosing a project, Meghana prioritises a few factors: the story, the star cast and her role, the team making the film, and the remuneration. "I like picking films that pay me well, and all of it worked for me inThe Judgement. Even though I didn’t get a lot of screen time, the role was substantial, and being paired opposite Ravichandran was the icing on the cake," she says.

The Judgement also features Diganth in a leading role, with Dhanya Ramkumar and Lakshmi Gopalaswamy essaying pivotal characters. With music by Anoop Seelin, dialogues by MS Ramesh, and cinematography by PKH Dass, the film promises to be well-rounded.

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