Lakshmi Gopalaswamy: Being busy has not been a problem, but getting good roles has been

Dancer and multilingual actor Lakshmi Gopalaswamy talks about her return with Gururaj Kulkarni's The Judgement
Lakshmi Gopalaswamy: Being busy has not been a problem, but getting good roles has been

Lakshmi Gopalaswamy, the dancer and actor who has been juggling across languages, made her last appearance in Kannada cinema with the film Raymo. Now, she marks her return to Kannada cinema with The Judgement. Balancing her projects in Malayalam and Telugu cinema, Lakshmi faces the challenges of securing meaningful roles amidst a bustling schedule. "Being busy has not been a problem, but getting good roles has been," she admits, highlighting the perennial quest for quality projects.

In The Judgement, Lakshmi undergoes a transformation, trading her signature traditional sarees for the dignified attire of a lawyer. Sharing her initial uncertainities about the role, she says, "I felt I shouldn't look melodramatic. We've seen countless lawyer portrayals on screen. Striving for authenticity, I even sought guidance from director Gururaj Kulkarni, who described my character traits as forceful and persuasive, qualities I had to bring out through it."

Starring alongside Ravichandran, Lakshmi also savours the opportunity to challenge conventional gender dynamics in cinema. "I was happy to get a role equal to the hero," she remarks, underscoring the importance of portraying strong female characters. "The role's twists and turns offer a welcome departure and make my character more interesting," she adds.

Talking about her first time appearance alongside Ravichandran, Lakshmi recalls a shift in perspective over time. "Long ago, while in my late teens, somebody had asked me if I would like to work with Ravichandran, and I had said no mainly because I had a different perception when it came to the aesthetic of commercial films at that time," she says, while adding, "Now when I met him, it was very nice to work. He is jovial, frank, and puts you at ease. Even if you take 20 takes, he doesn't put unnecessary pressure on you. Everybody's chemistry was important, and the comfort level of working with co-actors only makes it better to pull out such roles."

Behind the scenes, director Gururaj Kulkarni's corporate background brings a refreshing approach to filmmaking, says Lakshmi. "Having worked in a corporate environment, the director brings a different level of planning. Despite the time pressures, his meticulous planning fosters a relaxed atmosphere on set, allowing creativity to flow," she concludes.

The Judgement also stars Diganth, Meghana Gaonkar, and Dhanya Ramkumar in prominent roles. The film has music by Anoop Seelin and cinematography by PKH Das. It is set to release on May 24.

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