Vikas Pampapathi: Ramana Avatara is not a modern take of Ramayana, but the characters have comparisons

Debutant director Vikas Pampapathi discusses his upcoming film Starring Rishi, Pranitha Subhash, and Shubra Aiyappa
Vikas Pampapathi: Ramana Avatara is not a modern take of Ramayana, but the characters have comparisons

The upcoming entertainer Ramana Avatara, which marks the maiden directorial venture of Vikas Pampapathi, is finally all set to hit theatres this week after being in production for some time now. The film features Rishi in the lead along with Anirudh Acharya, Arun Sagar, Pranitha Subhash, and Shubra Aiyappa playing supporting roles. Music composer Judah Sandy has composed five songs for the film, which will feature cinematography by Vishnu Prasad.

Recently, the makers unveiled the trailer which revealed Rishi’s character Ramakrishna, a man determined to curb the departure of laborers from his hometown. “The film intertwines romance while also weaving in the suspenseful mystery. All this is balanced with light-hearted situational comedy,” says Vikas, who previously worked as assistant director with Suni for over 3 years.

The title, Ramana Avatara, draws inspiration from mythology, and director Vikas promises it holds surprising contemporary relevance. “In many ways, people face their own version of Ramayana, everyday. The film explores the universal idea that within each person lies the potential for extraordinary action. Inspired by the Hindu god Rama, Ramana Avatara follows the protagonist as he rises to the occasion, his choices shaping the course of his journey.”

On how he conceived it, Vikas says his intention was to bring out a clean entertainer, that was not just somber, but also delivers a message in a unique way. “Ramayana has different expressions, and has a different meaning to each one’s life,” says Vikas, adding, “Ramana Avatara draws inspiration from the Ramayana, but it’s not a direct retelling. The film subtly incorporates characters reminiscent of the Ramayana. We see a Sita-like figure who embodies understanding and a supportive brother mirroring Lakshmana. The everyday struggles faced by the protagonist can be seen as representing the ever-present challenges symbolised by Ravana. It is not a modern take on Ramayana, but the characters have comparisons,” he adds.

Ramana Avatar’s bumper offer: Discounted tickets

The team behind Ramana Avatara has a special treat for the audience. They’ve significantly reduced the ticket price to just H99, applicable at both single screens and multiplexes. Moreover, they’re planning for a premiere show on May 9 before the official release, with tickets for the paid premiere show also set at H99

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