Gangadhar Salimath: Gaming industry revenue far outweighs that of the film industry

The director speaks along with producer Anand Mugad, about their upcoming film Grey Games, which is slated to hit theatres on May 10
Gangadhar Salimath: Gaming industry revenue far outweighs that of the film industry

Producer Anand H Mugad is said to have conceived the concept for Grey Games, the upcoming film written and directed by Gangadhar Salimath, which is scheduled to hit big screens on May 10. Firstly, explaining the rationale behind the title, the producer asserts, “Even though gaming is enjoyed by people from all walks of life, regardless of where they come from, it’s truly an international phenomenon. So, we decided to consider that aspect when choosing the title,” explains Anand, who admits that he comes from the pre-computer era, and has always been curious about technology. “As software started to develop, gaming became a fascinating world for me. The graphics in modern gaming are so immersive and realistic that they transport players to virtual worlds. So, we pondered, what if a gamer could actually enter that world? And that’s how the concept of Grey Games emerged, further brought out into a story by director Gangadhar Salimath,” says Anand.

Describing the film as contemporary and highly relatable to the current generation, Anand adds, “It’s a rare genre that hasn’t been explored much before, and we’re excited to offer something fresh to the audience.”

Produced under the banner of DEES Films, Grey Games’ cinematography is handled by Varuna DK, with Doleshwar Raj, Ashwin Hemanth, and Shriyansh Shreeram contributing to the film’s music.

Gangadhar, who has previously helmed projects like Ayana and has produced Hosa Dinachari, admits that introducing technology into a film, especially plunging into the metaverse and online gaming, was an exciting prospect. “As a computer science engineer, I found the concept of this film to be both novel and captivating,” he shares, and adds, “The metaverse is essentially a parallel universe, a virtual world that has become a multi-million-dollar industry today, surpassing even the revenue generated by the film business.”

Explaining how this theme influenced the film, he elaborates, “When I decided to consider working on the line given by producer Anand, I conducted extensive research and discovered the prevalence of online gaming-related crimes. I’ve observed numerous youngsters, including our assistant director, engrossed in online gaming, particularly games like PUBG. Instances of verbal abuse and even physical altercations stemming from these games are not uncommon. The revenue generated by the gaming industry far outweighs that of the film industry, making it a compelling topic to explore cinematically,” he says.

Talking about the various actors, Grey Games features Vijay Raghavendra in the role of a counselor, with Jai (son of Vijay Raghavendra and Srimurali’s elder sister) in his debut portraying the central character of a gamer. The film will see Sruthi Prakash portraying a celebrity, while Bhavana takes on the character of a cybercrime police officer. Adding to the ensemble cast is popular anchor and actor Aparna, making her comeback, playing a mother’s character, along with Ishita and Ravi Bhat as part of the cast.

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