Samarjit Lankesh: Youth connect with music, and dance enhances it

The actor, whose debut film Gowri directed by his father, Indrajit Lankesh, has gained significant attention with its catchy songs, has been praised for his impressive dancing skills
Samarjit Lankesh: Youth connect with music, and dance enhances it

The upcoming musical film Gowri, which marks the debut of Samarjit Lankesh, directed by his father Indrajit Lankesh, has gained significant attention with its catchy songs. The first single, ‘Time Barutte’, was followed by ‘Dhool Ebsava’ featuring Samarjit and Sanjana Anand shaking a leg. Both have become hits on YouTube, sparking trends and inspiring countless social media reels. The songs have also made a substantial impact, drawing all eyes to Samarjit, who has been praised for his impressive dancing skills.

Speaking to CE, Samarjit explains why music is a crucial aspect of the film. “Growing up, I watched my father’s work and understood the importance of music in film. As a kid, I loved dancing on stage and felt energetic listening to songs. I would mimic moves and choreograph my own routine. When I decided to become an actor, I realised it wasn’t just about acting. It’s about entertainment involving action sequences, dance portions, songs, and powerful dialogues. I wanted to excel in all areas, so I took dance training very seriously, just as I trained for stunts. I’m thankful it has paid off, and I consider it an achievement that the two songs have been trending. There’s pressure on my father as he is launching me, but the response has been nothing but encouraging.”

Samarjit is also a singer, a talent he developed as a child. “I put my energy into activities like singing and cricket. As an actor, the audience expects more from you,” he says, citing Kannada stars like Puneeth Rajkumar, Sudeep, and Upendra as his inspirations.

For a debutant, promoting a film in today’s world takes a lot of skill. “I can’t compare the films from my father’s time, who achieved his own success and praise. Today, when I visit colleges and meet people, the experience is different. Trends change with each generation, and it all depends on the product, not whether you come from a star background or not.”

Discussing the impact of social media, Samarjit acknowledges its power. “There are a few negatives, but this platform allows us to showcase our product and reach a wide audience. Our songs have been a hit on social media because of the reels created by netizens. It depends on what you want to take away from social media,” he says, signing off with a promise of more tracks to come. “Youth connects with music, and dance enhances it. Even the background score and tunes evoke emotions and elevate cinema.”

The film also marks the debut of Saniya Iyer on the big screen and features Sweezal Chandu Gowda among others. Gowri has more than a couple of music directors, including Jassie Gift and Chandan Shetty, while AJ Shetty has handled cinematography.

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