Shilpa Shetty lauds the dedication of her KD director Prem

The actor wrapped up shooting her portions for KD-The Devil, starring Dhruva Sarja as lead along with Ravichandran, Ramesh Aravind, Sanjay Dutt, and Reeshma Nanaiah
Shilpa Shetty lauds the dedication of her KD director Prem

Shilpa Shetty, who has finally shed her wig and wrapped up her shoot for KD - The Devil, could not contain her joy as she shared a video alongside director Prem. The video gave fans a sneak peek into her KD character, Satyavathi. The star-studded film showcases Shilpa in a pivotal role, alongside Dhruva Sarja, as well as multilingual giants such as Ravichandran, Ramesh Aravind, and Sanjay Dutt. With roots in Karnataka's Tulunadu, Shilpa, who was launched by Ravichandran in Kannada cinema with Preethsod Thappa and later impressed in Ondagona Baa and Auto Shankar, now makes a return after 19 years with KD. Describing her experience on set, she lauded director Prem's perfectionism, noting his unwavering dedication and even joking that the filmmaker never seems to get hunger pangs. She also mentioned her commitment to the role, underlined by a lack of breaks during the shoot, confidently declared Satyavathi as one of the best roles in her career, and promised audiences a worthy film in theatres.

I communicate through the universal language of cinema: Prem

Director Prem, a maestro in Kannada cinema, has a knack for uniting diverse talents from across India, transcending language barriers. Prem's portfolio speaks volumes as he has brought a diverse set of actors to Kannada cinema. For example, he collaborated with Telugu music director RP Patnaik for Excuse Me, directed Mallika Sherawat in a special song in Preethi Eke Bhoomi Mele Ede and Priyanka Kothari in Raj The Showman, and cast Amy Jackson as the female lead in The Villain. Now, with Sanjay Dutt and Shilpa Shetty teaming up for KD, he continues his legacy of excellence. "I have certain principles when working with non-Kannadiga actors. Firstly, I demonstrate the role with the body language they understand. Secondly, I don't settle for just one take; it takes 4 to 5 takes for me to approve a shot. We sit together in front of the monitor, communicating through the universal language of cinema," Prem shares.

Although he admits to occasional communication hiccups, especially with foreign musicians, he believes in the power of cinematic language to bridge gaps. "I'm not perfect, but I always apologise and strive to ensure that everyone is on the same page. Ultimately, our connection through cinema prevails," he concludes. With Reeshma Nanaiah joining the cast as the female lead, KD, produced under the banner of KVN Productions, promises to be an unforgettable cinematic experience.

The film will release in December.

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