Director Kiranraj engages in dialogue with John Abraham Over 777 Charlie

The director, who recently met the actor-producer in Mumbai, shared mutual admiration and hinted at a possible collaboration, which will be underlined once the script work is done
Director Kiranraj engages in dialogue with John Abraham Over 777 Charlie

The excitement surrounding the Rakshit Shetty starrer 777 Charlie goes up to another level with its director Kiranraj K's recent meeting with Bollywood stalwart John Abraham. The actor-producer, who has openly expressed his fondness for the film, produced by Paramvah Studios, extended an invitation to Kiranraj to Mumbai recently, leading to a meeting filled with discussions about the film and beyond. Kiranraj, equally enamoured by this interaction, now contemplates a potential collaboration with the versatile actor and producer.

"My connection with John Abraham goes back to the time when we released the 777 Charlie trailer," recalls Kiranraj, reflecting on the genesis of their bond. "He voluntarily shared the trailer on his social media platform, endorsing it with high praise. Since then, our communication has remained constant."

John's humble response to 777 Charlie struck a chord with Kiranraj, so much so, the director says, "Apparently, John watched 777 Charlie again recently and said that he cried like a baby while watching the film. His admiration for the film sparked a desire to meet me, and when we met, he was keen to learn about my experience in making the film."

During their discussion, Kiranraj also uncovered John's deep affinity for animals. "John's love for animals, particularly dogs, caught my attention," Kiranraj admits. "His involvement with various NGOs for animal welfare further solidified the bond between him and the film," he says.

Interestingly, John expressed a keen interest in exploring potential collaborations with Kiranraj. With the director's multilingual project in the scripting stages, the possibility of partnering with a Bollywood heavyweight like John Abraham looms large. "Once I finalise the script, which is in the final stages and will take a month more, only then will I plan to be involved in the creative process," Kiranraj says.

Reflecting on John's dual role as an actor and producer, Kiranraj acknowledges his admiration for both facets of the artist. "I admired his performance in Madras Cafe. However, his role as a producer, particularly in groundbreaking projects like Vicky Donor, showcases his discerning taste and vision," says the director.

Kiranraj is taking time to begin his next project, and it will be a genre-bending horror-fantasy-thriller with yet again a dog in a significant role. Speculation arises about the nature of his collaboration with John Abraham, but Kiranraj, who didn't wish to divulge many details about it, asks for more time for further updates.

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