Hemanth Rao: Sapta... is not a story I aim to narrate, it is an experience I aim to deliver

Director of Sapta Sagardaache Ello, Hemanth M Rao, discusses building the world of Manu and Priya, his evolved working style and more
Hemanth Rao: Sapta... is not a story I aim to narrate, it is an experience I aim to deliver

In an era marked by an ever-evolving cinematic landscape, Hemanth M Rao's dedication to timeless love tales finds its zenith in his upcoming film, Sapta Sagardaache Ello. The director, who is embarking on scoring a hattrick of successes with Sapta Sagaradaache Ello, is one of the last remaining champions of age-old romance in our films. Drawing inspiration from vintage classics like Haalu Jenu, Bandhana, Casablanca, and Mouna Ragam, Hemanth enjoys exploring the realm of such narrative. "Romance represents an aspirational facet of life, and is often hidden. Classic romantic dramas withstand the test of time, preserving their aspirational essence. As we watch, we yearn for such lives and the embrace of kindred souls," he shares.

While many believe modern romance holds new connotations, Hemanth begs to differ. "Though technology evolves, the essence of love remains constant. The medium of expression may change with technology, but the core of love endures. The vulnerability it demands, the courage it requires—these aspects remain intact," says the director, ahead of the film's release on September 1. Bankrolled by Paramvah Studios, the film will be released in two parts, with Side A featuring Rakshit Shetty and Rukmini Vasanth as the leads.

Discussing his influences in crafting love dramas, particularly with Sapta Sagardaache Ello, Hemanth reflects, "I aim to create and watch films that linger in hearts and minds long after the credits roll. The film should etch itself within us, creating lasting experiences beyond mere entertainment or popcorn-filled joy. This guiding principle has shaped my past works like Godhi Banna Sadharana Mykattu, Kavaludaari, and now it is with Sapta Sagardaache Ello."

The director also takes time to contemplate on the present-day audience's reception of romance compared to the past. "Just as we didn't anticipate the peak popularity of action-packed entertainers across multiple languages, the same unpredictability applies to romance, comedy, or even horror today. The film's impact and connection matter more than its genre. I believe that the cinematic experience forms a powerful bond, transcending genres." he says, adding, "Delivering a nice film and giving the audience a unique experience are two sides of the same coin. Maintaining equilibrium is crucial. One cannot exist without the other; they are intertwined."

Sapta Sagardaache Ello will be the second collaboration for Rakshit and Hemanth after Godhi Banna..., and the actor-producer has consistently mentioned in various interactions that any time given, he is ready to work with Hemanth. "Rakshit and I share an incredible rapport, a mutual love for cinema that infuses joy into our collaborations. With his availability, I'm ready to have him in all my directorial ventures," says Hemanth, whose camaraderie also extends to his proficient team of technicians. "Every technician who is part of Sapta Sagardaache Ello has taken my vision and elevated the film with their skills and talent, ultimately making the film better."

Sapta Sagardaache Ello is about the journey of Manu and Priya, a narrative of intertwined fates and shared experiences. "It's not a story I aim to narrate; it's an experience I seek to provide. Romance eludes expression; it demands experience, which makes it universally relatable. The film's dual-part structure unveils two facets of a singular story," says Hemanth, who promises to talk more about the second part of the film closer to its release on October 20.

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