UI  transcends language barriers, and addresses a global issue: Upendra

The Real Star gears up for the final leg of shooting as the makers aim for a release this year
UI  transcends language barriers, and addresses a global issue: Upendra
UI  transcends language barriers, and addresses a global issue: Upendra

The multitalented Upendra is currently immersed in the last and crucial leg of shooting for his upcoming directorial, UI. A sprawling mega set spread across a 10-acre land in Bengaluru has been constructed where the makers will film crucial sequences over the next 25 to 30 days. “We are in the final stages and have some significant portions to shoot, along with song sequences, all of which will be filmed during this schedule,” reveals Upendra, who shares that UI might release later this year, and the team is working to meet the target date.

When asked about the progress of the film, Uppi says, “There is no such thing as simple or complicated. Every filmmaker has their own style, and I prefer conveying my thoughts to the audience in a manner that can be better understood once they watch the film.” He remains tight-lipped about specific details as he wants the audience to witness it all first-hand. Though UI is a multilingual film, Upendra emphasises that it transcends language barriers as it addresses a global issue. “In addition to being multilingual, I aim to reach out to the global audience. It’s an entertaining subject yet it tackles a significant global issue.”

UI incorporates various cutting-edge tech: Naveen Manohar

UI is a technology-driven film, and Upendra acknowledges the contribution of one of the film’s producers, Naveen Manohar, who has studied 3D animation and Visual Effects. “Naveen’s extensive knowledge in animation, graphics, and VFX has enabled the utilisation of the latest technology,” says the filmmaker, who adds that it was a pleasure to work with such advanced technology. “Naveen has been instrumental in bringing valuable inputs and technical expertise to the project,” he mentions.

In an interaction with CE, Naveen explains that the film features an entire city set, spanning an area as vast as 10 acres, complemented by extensive VFX set extensions. He further elaborates on the visual effects, revealing that the team has created a unique world within the film, comprising over 1400 VFX shots. UI incorporates various cutting-edge technologies, such as VR-Mocobot. Naveen highlights some key achievements, including the 3D scanning of Upendra using a setup of 200+ DSLR cameras to create a photorealistic CG double of the actor. “Additionally, an entire sequence was shot using a virtual reality pipeline, ensuring a fully immersive experience for the audience. Adding to the film’s authenticity, art director Shivakumar, known for his work in KGF1 & 2 and Saalar has contributed his experience and exceptional craftsmanship to make the world of UI believable in real life,” says Naveen.

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