Anant Nag: Thimayya is unique and complex

The senior actor talks about his role in Thimayya and Thimayya which not only challenged him as an actor, but also gave him a lot of enjoyment acing it
Anant Nag: Thimayya is unique and complex

Legendary actor Anant Nag is set to star in Sanjay Sharma's debut directorial, Thimayya & Thimayya, and shared that the role was very challenging. "When director Sanjay Sharma told me about this film, I asked him to send the script, and I enjoyed reading it. I was even surprised that such a story was coming from an ad filmmaker, and liked the way he understood the creative process of cinema," says the actor.

Thimayya & Thimayya is about the bonding between a grandfather and grandson, and the actor plays an arrogant Coorgi person, who has a very unique and complex character arc. "There is a negative trait to the character (Thimayya), who is egoistic and selfish. In fact, I was debating whether to take up this role, but the shades that Sanjay had sketched to this part attracted me. I'm curious to know how the audience will react to this particular character," says Anant Nag, who also appreciated the art director Vineeta for creating authentic structures that go well with Sanjay's story.  

Anant Nag's Thimayya is not just wealthy in the film, but is also a good trumpet player. "He is good at playing the trumpet, but uses the same instrument to inflict violence too. He is a control freak, and wants his grandson to obey every order of his. The undercurrent theme of this film adds entertainment value to the script," says Anant Nag, who was also happy to have learned a new instrument for the role.

Anant Nag is one of those very few actors, who craves to do better with each film and still enjoys everything about acting. Throughout his prolific acting career, he has always had filmmakers of that era develop scripts with him in mind. This constant updating has made filmmakers always approach him with unique roles and interesting stories. Sharing his love for collaborating with fresh talents, Anant Nag says, "I'm glad to know that there are directors who still have me in their minds while writing characters. Having said that, I don't feel like accepting everything. I love to be part of projects where I can enjoy the character, and also be part of a team that sets a good atmosphere," he signs off.

Thimayya and Thimayya, bankrolled by Rajesh Sharma, also stars Diganth, Aindrita Ray, and Shubra Aiyappa in the lead cast.

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