Hariprriya on playing Thayi Kastur Gandhi: I feel blessed

The actor has completed shoot and dubbing for Baraguru Ramachandrappa’s upcoming directorial venture and shares her excitement and challenges of playing the titular role
Hariprriya on playing Thayi Kastur Gandhi: I feel blessed
Hariprriya on playing Thayi Kastur Gandhi: I feel blessed

Hariprriya completes shooting for her upcoming film Thayi Kastur Gandhi. The film, directed by award-winning director Baraguru Ramachandrappa, is now in the post-production stages. The makers shared the first few stills of Hariprriya as Thayi Kastur Gandhi in three different stages of her life.

The film is an adaptation of director Baraguru Ramachandrappa’s novel Kasturba vs Gandhi, and it has Hariprriya playing the titular role. Hariprriya shares her excitement of working in a biopic and teaming up with the director for the second time after their first collaboration - Amruthamathi.

“It all began with Baraguru Sir handing over his novel Kasturba vs Gandhi to me. I read the book and found it interesting. I conveyed the same to him. That’s when I knew that he was planning to make a film, and he was keen on making me play the titular role. A director of his stature wanting me to play such a role was overwhelming. For a contemporary actor like me, it was a huge responsibility. I felt lucky and accepted it wholeheartedly. I even thanked the director for considering me,” she says.

“Hariprriya says that the entire world is aware of Gandhiji and his lifestyle. However, not much is known about Kastur Gandhi, who is just known as the wife of Mahatma. Making this film from her point of view and being in her shoes was very challenging for me. Hats off to Baraguru sir. He was extremely organised and knew how to go about making this film. Working on this film helped me to know more about Kastur Gandhi. I learned that apart from being a wife and a mother, she was also a strong individual. I feel blessed,” says the actor.

The film has music by Shamita Malnad and cinematography handled by Nagaraj Awadani. 

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