Parul Gulati to star in the show Blue Tick

She plays the role of a young woman from South Delhi who dreams of achieving stardom
Parul Gulati to star in the show Blue Tick

Actor Parul Gulati is set to star in the show Blue Tick, which explores the complexities of social media. It is directed by Shubham Singh, produced by Folklore films and also stars Siddharth Nigam in a pivotal role. Parul plays the role of Pallavi Pahuja who is a determined young woman hailing from South Delhi with dreams of achieving stardom.

Talking more about her character, Parul said in a statement, “She is young, she is a risk taker. There is really no fear of failure for her. I relate hard with her because I myself was spotted on a social media platform and my big dream of coming to Mumbai and becoming an actor came true.”

She added, “Pallavi is a fascinating character to portray. She symbolizes the modern-day aspirant, utilizing social media as a ladder to climb towards her dreams. The quest for a blue tick on her profile becomes her beacon of validation, showcasing the power dynamics within the realm of social media influence."

The show delves into the dichotomy between virtual validation and real-world success, as Pallavi navigates the highs and lows of her journey in pursuit of the coveted blue tick. It is shot against the vibrant backdrop of Delhi. More details from the project are awaited.

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