Ram Gopal Varma recalls incident when Shiamak Davar claimed of seeing his dead father on flight

‘He (Shiamak) then looked at me for a while, and said, ‘He is here with us,’ said the Bhoot director
Ram Gopal Varma and Shiamak Davar
Ram Gopal Varma and Shiamak Davar

Director Ram Gopal Varma recently recalled an incident of meeting choreographer Shiamak Davar aboard a flight and a strange conversation they had. Shiamak claimed to have seen RGV’s father’s spirit aboard the flight. The director had lost his dad just 15 days before this interaction.

In a video uploaded on his YouTube channel, RGV said that he had met Shiamak only once at megastar Amitabh Bachchan’s house, and didn’t know him much at all. He stated that Shiamak was sitting somewhere behind him in the flight, so he (RGV) went and sat next to him and the two started talking.

“He suddenly asked me, ‘Your father passed away?’ It was an unusual question to ask, but it was true,” he said.

“Fifteen days before this encounter, my father had passed away. I told him yes. Now, he was on the window seat, and I was in the aisle. He then looked at me for a while, and said, ‘He is here with us.’ I was completely taken aback!” added RGV. The filmmaker told Shiamak that he doesn’t “believe in this stuff,” only for the choreographer to look behind again, and say, “‘He says he also never believed in it and is very concerned about you.’ How does he know my father died? That he was an atheist? I had a mixture of emotions, helplessness, anger, fear. I was very disturbed by that conversation. I suddenly got up and went back to my seat. And I started thinking, ‘How can he know?'”

RGV contemplated all the rational explanations, but drew a blank. “I also thought since both of us are from the film industry, he might have overheard this and is playing googly!” he added.

Ram Gopal Varma is known to direct many supernatural films including Bhoot (2003), Darna Mana Hai (2003) and Phoonk (2008).

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