Farida Jalal on the energetic appeal of Shah Rukh Khan: ‘If he wouldn’t have become a superstar then who would have?’

The veteran actress spoke about her last meeting with Shah Rukh and her experience of working with him in an interview recently
Farida Jalal and Shah Rukh Khan
Farida Jalal and Shah Rukh Khan

Veteran actor Farida Jalal opened up about working with Shah Rukh Khan in the 1998 Mahesh Bhatt directorial Duplicate and said that his energy on the sets was unmatched. In an earlier interview, the actor had reflected on how she had lost contact with the superstar. But now, in an interaction with Zoom, she recounted the last time she met him during a funeral and how Shah Rukh helped her to reach her car.

She further spoke of how the environment was like on the sets of Duplicate. She said, “Shah Rukh was so full of beans. I played his mother in Duplicate and Mahesh Bhatt would get stressed working with him because he would want to do each scene in multiple ways.”

The actor added, “I used to get exhausted just by looking at him. In a scene of the film, my character was in Mauritius and she had to mess up his things and during shooting that scene, SRK asked Mahesh Bhatt if he could carry me and Mahesh started laughing and agreed to his suggestion. If that guy wouldn’t have become a superstar, then who would have? He had a madness for his work. That was Shah Rukh Khan.”

In an earlier interview with India Today, Farida had expressed her concern of not being able to connect with Shah Rukh or Salman Khan over phone. She had said, when I try calling him, because I loved his success, his films, I want to tell him, ‘Bachcha, very good, I am very happy for you,’ but there is nobody on that line. If his secretary is not kind to you then what do you do? I have to go through somebody as I don’t have his number. So, Shah Rukh should think about this. When people want to talk to you what do they do? People like me. Salman also, I used to have his number we used to talk to each other so often, now he must have changed his number, what do I do?”

She was last seen in Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s Heeramandi which released on Netflix on May 1.

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