Congress leader asks Shah Rukh Khan to visit ailing school teacher in Goa

Shah Rukh, who grew up and studied in Delhi before moving to Mumbai, has earlier spoken about the influence of Brother Eric D'Souza on his life
Shah Rukh Khan with Brother Eric D'Souza
Shah Rukh Khan with Brother Eric D'Souza

A Congress leader has appealed to Shah Rukh Khan and other students to visit their former teacher Brother Eric D'Souza battling critical illness. In a video message posted on X, Indian National Congress Secretary Szarita Laitphlang said she travelled to Goa to meet D'Souza, also her former teacher and mentor.

D'Souza is a seminal figure in the lives of many students who studied in Delhi's St Columba's School. He played a crucial role in shaping Shah Rukh's student years.

"Hi Shah Rukh, this is a message for you. I usually wouldn't do it, but I'm in Goa and just came to visit Brother Eric D'Souza and we know him as Dasu, most of us have grown up, knowing him as Dasu,” she said in a recent video posted on X.

"I know that you're very busy with your shooting schedules, your IPL, swearing-in ceremonies, and then, of course, all the other engagements that you have to attend to, but it's a request that if you could kindly spare a few minutes to come and visit him. Mumbai is not really far from Goa just in hour's flight. It would be really nice. His health is really deteriorating and he can't speak anymore,” she said.

Shah Rukh, who grew up and studied in Delhi before moving to Mumbai, spoke in detail about the influence of D'Souza in his life some years ago.

He said in an episode of Jeena Isi Ka Naam Hai hosted by the late Farooq Sheikh, "I speak for all of us the C-gang and all of us who's educated in St. Columba's School or elsewhere he is teaching. Honest to god if there is anybody else on this earth if I think after my parents and look up to, it is Brother D'Souza." In the show, Shah Rukh said he has no idols but for Brother D'Souza, the only man in the world he looked up to. He channelised their energies so they didn't become 'taporis'. Describing D'Souza as "great fun" and the "guiding light of his life", Shah Rukh said he played football and hockey, also the guitar and music.

Szarita said in her video, “Most of the sisters (nurses) there joke with him (D'Souza)... 'Are you actually waiting for Shah Rukh to come'.' "So it would be really nice if you could spare a few minutes... it's a request to all our friends, all colleagues whose lives have been impacted by Brother D'Souza... ,” she added.

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