Bombay High Court restrains makers of Shaadi Ke Director Karan aur Johar from using Karan Johar's name

Karan had earlier filed a plea in the High Court asking for a restraining order on the film which was scheduled to release on June 14
Karan Johar
Karan Johar

The Bombay High Court, in an interim order on Thursday, restrained the makers of the film Shaadi Ke Director Karan aur Johar from using director-producer Karan Johar's name and personal attributes in the title or the film. The HC also noted that such unauthorised use violated his fundamental rights.

A single bench of Justice RI Chagla said the film should not be released in theatres or on any social media platform until Karan Johar's name and references to his personal attributes are deleted from the title and the film. It was scheduled to release on June 14.

The court noted, prima facie, the makers of the film are targeting Karan Johar and that the usage of his name and personal attributes without permission was violative of his fundamental rights and personality rights.

Karan had earlier approached the court seeking a permanent injunction and restraining order against the producers IndiaPride Advisory and Sanjay Singh as well as writer and director Bablu Singh from using his name in the title of their film.

Karan’s counsel, Zal Andhyarujina said that the filmmaker’s name was being used unauthorisedly and that the makers of the film had an intention to obtain unjust and unlawful gain using the name. The bench also noted that the film uses ‘director’ and the name Karan Johar. Justice Chagla said, “The title says director, it has to refer to him (Karan Johar). I saw the trailer. The names Karan and Johar do not refer to two different persons. Prima facie, it seems they (makers of the movie) are targeting him (Johar). His celebrity status is undoubted. There are number of films he has made and produced that are all box office hits.”

Justice Chagla added, “There is no manner of doubt that Karan Johar has played a great role in transforming the Bollywood industry and has launched several persons as actors. I am of the prima facie view that the movie is a direct reference to the plaintiff (Karan) and makes unauthorised/unlawful use of his name.”

The makers of the film weren’t present during the hearing. To this, the HC said, “It is obvious from the defendants’ (makers) conduct that they have not bothered to contest the claims made by Karan Johar as well as appear before this court.”

The court posted the suit for further hearing on July 10.

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