Hanu-Man director Prashanth Varma clarifies that his cryptic social media post was not for Ranveer Singh

The two were earlier going to collaborate for on a film that was reportedly titled Rakshas
Prashanth Varma and Ranveer Singh
Prashanth Varma and Ranveer Singh

Hanu-man director Prashanth Varma issued a clarification recently about a cryptic social media post he had made on X, where he said, “One day you realise every rejection was a blessing in disguise!”. There were speculations made after this as to whether the post was directed at Ranveer Singh, with whom the director was supposed to collaborate.

However, talking to Hindustan Times, Prashanth clarified that he was not targeting any specific person through his post. “It was a very generic feeling I had in the morning, and I thought about posting it. I was thinking about the overall journey. Had people not rejected me in my initial years, I wouldn’t have ended up making Hanu-Man. I was feeling grateful because had I done any of the films that I had previously pitched to other actors, had I done those films, Hanu-Man would have never happened,” he said.

Ranveer and Prashanth had earlier issued a joint statement in which they announced their separation due to ‘creative differences’. Ranveer had added in the statement, “Prasanth is a very special talent. We met and explored the idea of a film together. Hopefully, we will collaborate on something exciting in the future.” Prashanth had invoked similar intentions as he said, “Ranveer’s energy and talent are rare to find. We shall manifest our forces, combining soon, sometime in the future.”

The film, which was reportedly titled Rakshas, was not officially announced but was set to be produced by Pushpa franchise producer Mythri Movie Makers.

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