Late actor Satish Kaushik to be seen with Raj Babbar in Mirg

The film is centred around the legend of the mountain leopard, popular in the lower regions of Himachal Pradesh
Late actor Satish Kaushik to be seen with Raj Babbar in Mirg

Actor-director Satish Kaushik, who passed away earlier this month, will soon be seen in one of his last films titled Mirg, which is ready for release after rounding up its post-production work.

The film also features Raj Babbar, Anup Soni and Shwetaabh Singh in pivotal roles.

Mirg, which is centred on the legend of the mountain leopard popular in the lower regions of Himachal Pradesh, is a genre-bending story of a heist-gone-wrong revenge drama.

Talking about the film, director Tarun Sharma said, "My main aim while approaching Mirg was to give the audience an engaging film. Every aspect of filmmaking should come together to create something engaging, transporting people into an alternate reality."

"That for me is the magic of cinema. I was blessed with a wonderful and involved crew. Having stalwarts like Raj Babbar, Satish Kaushik and Anup Soni in my debut film was a blessing," he added.

The director shared that Satish was the first cast member to come on board and to his surprise, the actor agreed to do the film within two hours of him sending the script.

"To this day I can't believe that he is no more. His childlike passion for cinema is something I shall never forget. I really wanted him to see the final product but that is one feeling which shall remain regretfully unfulfilled. I must also add that Shwetaabh gave a breakthrough performance standing up to such senior actors," Tarun added.

Commenting on the film, Raj Babbar said, "I thoroughly enjoyed shooting for this movie. We had a blast. Tarun is a brilliant director. He really gives his actors a free hand to grasp the characters their own way.”

"This technique gets you much more attached to the character and you grow a sense of responsibility to really do justice to it. Every actor in this film has delivered nuanced performances," he added.

Mirg is majority financed by the UK-based Studio RA and produced by Rishi Anand, NaMa productions and OneShot Films.The film has been shot in Himachal Pradesh, mainly in Una, Hamirpur and Gobind Sagar Lake.

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